Alpha by Kae

Hello , my name is Kaelyn . Im 25 years old. I am a social media influencer/business partner with the #1 luxury hair care network marketing company.
Before this opportunity
I was working crazy hours and never had time to myself, working full time job going to school plus being in full mommy mode & I knew there was more to life then working 40+ hours then going to a 4 hour class and then going home to complete mommy mode. I never having time to myself to actually enjoy myself to do things I liked to do . I felt like I was on auto polite always stressed to the point my skin would break out or I was losing hair. My breakouts where horrible felt like huge craters were in my face . I lost confidence. I would get acne all over then try to cover it up with making & it would only make it worst . I tried every over the counter wash faces lotions creams .... gone to a dermatologist ; Oh-boyy you name it I done I started it would just make my skin oily even more . I started to do research on vegan products that help with eczema & acne . . That’s when this opportunity came along and I said “why not? There’s nothing to lose I tried legit every product known ”
Since then, I haven’t looked back! I took baby steps start with my skin ever since then I fell in love with these products and amazing company . Not only did MONAT help me grow my natural hair out but to nourish my skin especially during cold climate change when my skin needs a little extra lovin ‘ . This opportunity helped me grow not only to love myself and feel more confident . The alpha project taught me to grow mentally sprirtually . To become apart of a loving dust hood community of monitors help make a blueprint how to be my own boss allowed me to live in constant GRATITUDE !
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