About my photography

My personal favourites

These are my personal favourites I got in gallery. All shots are made using a smartphone (OnePlus 6 /OnePlus 7 Pro) and a free editing software (Adobe Lightroom free version).

Guinnes Brewery

I took this picture while exploring the Guinnes brewery in Dublin, Ireland. I started with using the pro mode in my camera app, but then switched to the standart portrait mode. Positioning is everything, so think about where you stand and where the light comes from.

Fairytale Bridge

This shot was also taken in Ireland. It's a bridge in the stunning Irish jungle. I climbed down the way to get there. Try to enhance the way of view by going different ways.


This shot was also taken at the Guinnes brewery in Dublin. The way the bottles stand, is very easy to capture because there is a neutral blur in almost every angle. Try to shoot with blur to enhance the depth of your picture.

Scottish Cathedral

This Scottish cathedral is almost hidden in the woods near a small village north of Edinburgh.
Black and white photography enhances the structure of your picture, to get the best black and white shot on a mobile phone, try shooting in RAW. That means the picture is not edited by your phone.

Weser night sight

This shot was taken in Bremen, Germany. I walked to the end of a restaurant ship and tried to take a shot. Bringing in a frame, in this case the barrier, brings in more depth and an orientation point for the eyes.

Autumn leaf

I enhanced the structure and saturation for this shot. Also a tiny blur, which make the eyes focus on the thing you want.

Fuel station

This is an old fuel station in Ireland.
I did both black and white and blur editing, which enhanced the structure and depth.

Cascais fishing

A fishing boat in Cascais, Portugal.
Used black and white plus Standart Portrait mode in the camera app.

Cascais seagull

A Portuguese seagull without any editing. I just used the Standart Portrait mode.

Red cable car in Lisbon

I edited only red inside the black and white picture. It just looks different.

Lisbon streets

A side street in the deepest districts of Lisbon. I tried working with the existing shadows to create an atmospheric picture.

Lisbon mountain cable car

One of the yellow cable cars in Lisbon. Tried to enhance the saturation to focus the graffiti


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