M Y . W H Y

"Whatever you're not changing, you're choosing."

Before I had my children, I was unfulfilled, uninspired, studying for a random degree as a full-time student, working a full-time job over 80 hours a week because working myself into the ground was my definition of hustling. I was sacrificing so much of my time - time away from my relationships and my passions - and sadly the sacrifice didn't feel temporary. I never felt like my dreams were becoming more tangible.

Then when I had my son, I got a taste of what it felt like to be home with him everyday and be in control of my time and pursuing my passions. I knew there was no way I could ever go back. I acknowledged that wishing and hoping wouldn't bring me different results, action would. If I wanted to live the life I envisioned for myself, I would have to go out there and create it.

Starting something new and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be scary! But the only way to control your success is by taking what you have, and what you know, and jumping feet first into opportunity. I am learning to let go of any thoughts of doubt and insecurity, defining My Why, and using it to fuel my ability to grow and flourish.

These days I am a stay at home mom, entrepreneur, blogger, youtuber, influencer, sharing my story honestly and openly to help inspire others to pursue their passions & become the best version of themselves!

All of this is possible for you too! Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a college student, unemployed, working full-time, or anything in between, I want you to know you can live whatever life you want! Self doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Begin by creating a vision of yourself and then pursue that vision relentlessly.

I am here to:
⤀ help you reach your goals
⤀ boost your confidence, inspire & motivate you
⤀ provide you with all of the tools for success
⤀ help you experience financial freedom & generational wealth
⤀ take back control over your life!

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