My coloring <3

Cc: Me!! <3

1. Ultralight:
- Clarity: 10+
- Sharpen: 10-

2. Prequel:
-Exposure: 25+
-Highlights: 41+
-Shadows: 100+
-Aberration: 75+
-Blur: 20+
- Teal: 100%
-Weather: 0%

-Coogge: 1.00%

And done!! Give cc to me please! <3

Font pack!

-Hug me tight
-Pumpkin Cheesecake
-Garlic salt
-Nature pro
-DJB doodles bits
-Sunday best
-Lemon milk
-Sant joan despi
-Byom icons
-Kg happy

Remember: Your worth it,ilysm!

Here are some caption,bio ideas!

Copy and paste them!


🍧 ❝  ❝ π“ˆˆ πŸ₯βŒ‡π–§§π–€£ –

ε½Ήθ·βŠΉΛšΛ– ༊ πŸ₯ π“ˆˆ ily all <3 ⬫ִׄ ﹌ οΈ΄π“‚… 𝐒/𝐎: β”Šκ©œβ”Š 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐒𝐞𝐬: π“‚… γ€Ž #fyp #viral #trending #charlidamelio #aesthetic #sunkinstarieΒ  』

🧾៸៸ ˚ put whatever here <3 ˚ β™« ·˚ ༘ | ib ⸝⸝ me Β» tΞ±ggies :

πŸΌβŒ‡βŒ— β€’ caption !βŒ‡β„˜ vc !β”Šib: idk /


⨳ Your name Λ–*
π–€˜β‹†Β·Λš ༘ gcγ€Šπ‘
౨ fanpage π–€˜
➳ ( number ) fanpages ( ily )β•‘

βŠΉΛšΛ– your name! stay safe !
- not impersonating 🧾
❝ cc:me! tc:me! ❝


π“‚… 𓂃 𓏲 𓍯 𓍲 𓍱 π“Š 𓏋 π“„Ό 𓆇 𓇬 𓍒 π“Ž† 𓂃 ﹏ π“ˆˆ
β•± β•²β•² β•± οΉ‹οΉ‹οΉ‹β•­ β•― 𓇸 π“ˆ€π“„²π“Š” π“ˆƒ 𓆀 𓂃 π“ˆ’ π“ΈβŒ‡ ﹌ οΉ‹ οΈ΄π“Š†π“Š‡π“‰³

‾·˚ ༘ :: κ’± βž·ο½‘Λšπ–€ β‹’ βš‘οΈŽπ–€ κ’° κ’±Β°β€’ ΰ©ˆβ™‘β‚ŠΛšβ€’. ↳ β™‘ ≑ ✦ Ν™ ˚ γ‚· β€” Λ—Λ‹ ΰ­¨ΰ­§ ΛŠΛ— β€” β†° ↱ κ’°κ’±β€” Λ—Λ‹ ΰ­¨ΰ­§ ΛŠΛ— β€” ✈︎ βœ°βœ§Λ–*°࿐ β€’*β€βž· ❏ Λ–* ೃ࿔ 

↡ β†Ά β†· β†Έ β†Ή β†Ί ↻ ⇄ ⇅°࿐ β€’*β€βž· ❏ ➷q ΰ³ƒΰΏ”β‚Šβ€’ ↳‒*β€βž· ❏ ➷q˚ ΰ³ƒΰΏ”β‚Šβ€’ ↳ κ’°κ’± β€” Λ—Λ‹ ΰ­¨ΰ­§ ΛŠΛ— β€” κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’·κ’¦ γ€Œ 」♑° βΈ™ΝŽ Λ€Λ€ ♑⃕ ʚɞ Κ•β€’α΄₯β€’Κ” ΰ₯§ π–₯§

Here are some Question ideas!

Give ib to me please!

-What's a most horror movie for You?
-Have You ever kissed a boy/girl?
-Have You ever stealed something?
-Do You know what does ib mean?
-What's Your fav movie?
-Do You have any siblings?
-Have You ever watched Nickelodeon?
-Are You older than 10?
-Have You ever cryed because of Shool?
-Do You think James Charles is cancelled?
-Do You support Lopez brothers?
-Have You ever lied about Your name/age?
-Do You support My idol/account?
-Have You got and "ily" today?
-Do You love to wake up to go to School?
-What do You search on Pinterest?
-Have You ever played Among us?
-What makes You happy?
-What's Your fav language?
-Do You have food in Your recents?
-Do You copy things like captions,bios to Your
-I dare You to tag Your old username and see if
Its used by someone or not!
-Tag My last follower and say:"This You?" to
Scare Them!
-If You see a dog with only one leg,what will
You do?
-Did You know that this video has the longest
Link in the world?
-Do You love to listen music?
-Make a rainbow in the comments with Your
Recent emoji's!
-What do You search on Google?
-Do You have any pets?
-Have you ever tried Dunkin?
-Do You support Free Palestine?
-Do You support Lgbtq+
-Is Your favourite colour on the Rainbow?
-Do You love Pastel or Dark colours?
-Have You ever played basketball?
-Copylink if You support me!
-Have You ever faked a smile? :(
-Do You think testing make up on animals
Needs to stop?
-Do You have Your own website?

Hope this helped a bit! <3

Here are some tips for blowing up!

-Be kind to everyone!
-Don't use same hashtags or You will
Get shadowban!
-Always make a videos with: You have to
Copy link,like...
-Don't like Your own video or You will
Get shadowban!
-Use trendy hashtags like: #fyp #trend #viral
#blowup etc.
-Make Your own hashtag - # your username!
-Use aesthetic sounds!
-If Your a Fanpage always tag Your Idol & put
A "<3" ALWAYS!!
-If You see someones video blowing up make
Same video,but give ib ALWAYS (inspired by)
-Dont steal anyones video!
-Use apps like:Prequel,Vont,Colourtone...
-Post 2-3 videos in a day,don't spam or
You will get shadowban!

That's it! Hope I helped! <3

Other coloring tut!

Idk the name lol!

-Clarity: 10+
-Sharpen: 10-

-Exposure: 50
-Contrast: -20
-Highlights: 50
-Shadows: 100
-Glow: 15
-Blur: 25

-Filter: Garden

-Effect: Star 1

Another coloring tutorial!

Cc: toffimelio

1. Ultralight:
-Clarity: 10+
-Sharpen: 10-

-Blur: 50+
Filter: Teal:
-Filter: 50/100
Effect: Diamond
-Intensity: 50/100%
-Scale: 1/2%
-Rotation: 0
-Filter: 0

And that's it! Hope I helped! <3