Introducing Me

Ko wai au

Tena Kautou katoa

Ko Whanganui te Awa

Ko Ruapehu te Maunga

Ko Aotea te Waka

Ko Kaiwhiki te Marae

No Whanganui Ahau

Ko Kaitlin Allan Toku ingoa

Kia ora & Welcome 🖐

As a professional procrastinator just enjoying her break from studies, i believe there is always room for improvement.

My purpose in life is to care and protect people in need. I am currently a fulltime student studying a degree in social services at Te Wananga o Aotearoa, to fulfill that destiny.

My very first Kaiako/Teacher taught me the greatest lesson I have learnt. "Love yourself first, in order to help and love others" the pathway I wish to pursuit is a journey of self love and discovery. I thought I had already known who I was, o boy was I in for a ride.

In order to help others, you need to be able to help yourself first. A better you means a better energy to pass onto another, and by knowing yourself you are aware of your own capability towards helping others.

I have created this website/personal blog as a visual journal towards my journey of self discovery.

"The tea" is a blog based off of my day to day thoughts,advice, experiences and reminders. You are free to roam about and get involved too!.

Spill the tea

Healing circle

"Spill the tea" is my journey of inner work with childhood trauma, shadow work, self discovery and how I implement the moon in my routine 💫 I spill the tea on my personal experiences, thoughts and reflection 🔥 guiding you towards your higher self. The saying of "Spill the tea" or "What's the tea sis?'" Is acknowledged as a resource of receiving positive vibes and releasing negative energies 🌼JOIN ME🌼 at the Tea party where I share the tea towards being your highest divine self 💫

29 Day Aranga Challenge

Journey of self-discovery

Kia Ora my friends 😊😊

Ever stayed up late and overslept? Did you feel uneasy and tired when waking up?

Do you start and complete a task on the due date? Is your Time management out of hand?

Are you struggling to be the best you? Everything seem so unclear?

Join me on a journey of self discovery, and a pathway towards a successful 2020. Achievable in only 29 days! This is my FREE personal Self survival guide towards providing a Bigger Picture of what's in store for you.

This is a definite YOU journey, with 100% Aroha and support from Me and mine. You are able to complete this at your own pace and with in mind you are eager to self love.

Day 1

Goal pyramid

Day one: Goals & reflection.

Today I reccomend using a journal for creating this space of goal setting and reflecting.

Page's 1-3 in the aranga resource booklet will be neccessary for todays challenge.


I am excited to introduce the Goal Pyramid 😊😊

A goals pyramid is a practical way to break down your goals into attainable steps. It takes away the intimidation by helping you identify actions you can take every single day.

This method is easier to recognize your consistent progress, which makes it more motivating to continue working toward your goals.

Overall goal: At the top of your pyramid is your primary goal. This is the ultimate thing you wish to achieve, and it is what drives your motivation to keep you moving forward.

Each month: look at your primary goal and think about a few big milestone markers that will help you get there.

Each week: What can you accomplish in a week or two to get you moving toward your long-term goals?

Daily goals: steps you take each day to move you toward your short-term goals.

This method doesn't work with everyone, if it's not your vibe you are still able to complete this task writing up your goals as you wish.

My 5 year plan

Visual Board

1. I will work hard for the career path I wish to pursue in.

2. I am greatful for every birthday. I am lucky to have one.

3. Home sweet home 🤗

4. I will have the coolest bath ever!

5. Achieving studies

6. Might as well travel, before we settle.

7. Mama is gonna get her a baby named 'Pheonix'

8. Here comes marriage 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Full moon ritual

Tonight we are blessed with a full moon 🥰 a time of the highest energy.
A moon ritual was introduced to me when I realized i had a very cluttered mindset of setting goals and intentions.

The significant purpose of a moon ritual is to set our Hope's and desires.

The moon is consistantly moving, from darkness to light vice versa. A continuous process of change, checking in with the lunar cycle reminds us of that. Just like us, we go through dark days and light ones, where we are now is not permanent, it's only one moment on a never ending cycle.


New moon represent fresh starts and beginnings, while full moon mark turning points, manifestations or closure. So it’s best to initiate a project or plant those seeds at a new moon, and “harvest” or make decisions at the full moon

This is where the creativity comes in, create your very own FULLmoon ritual that fits well with you. It is a time to reflect and put a does of self love into your hot drink tonight!


Set the mood/Enviroment: Lighting,candles,change of temperature,soothing tunes and Scent.

Lost on where to start and what to reflect on during your ritual? For my very spiritual friends on here this app has helped me with wonders. It Tells you set intentions you can consider and reflects on your horoscope.


DOWNLOAD: Insight timer

A free meditation app filled with hundreds of sounds and techniques to create a calming environment.

Floating in a steaming hot bath with your favorite salts,bubbles,oils, candles and bombs 🥰 has been a calming technique to set as an environment to read your intentions outloud to the universe.

Moonlighting: Have the moon touch your skin and write down the burden that you wish to set free. Light it on fire or throw it away once saying it out loud.

I found this very helpful towards manifesting my goals and setting a vision for the future I wish to have.

I would love to hear how your night has been? What's one good thing you can take with your from today and one thing you want to let go of? 🥰🥰

Mauri ora whanau!


Day 5

I am very excited to introduce my loop hole towards creating and achieving a vision board 🥰

VISION BOARD guaranteed to work 💯💯

Follow my 4 easy guide towards manifesting without a doubt.

• Find your 'Why': The ‘WHY’ is what gets you through those dark times when it feels like nothing is happening or going your way. The ‘WHY’ gives you purpose, and it commits you to your vision.

•Create a bucket list for the future: Explore in more detail, for example if you want to travel the world then what places do you want to see 🤷‍♀️

This will give you clarity on what kinds of inspiration to look for when you are creating your vision board so they’re aligned with your desires.

•Visualization: in a quiet space for no longer than 10 minutes. ,Visualize being in the moment of achieving your goal 🥰 explore your 5 senses.

• Set a date: Everything needs a due date, therefore set one to begin this journey of visionary motivation

Shower meditation

New moon in pieces


This New Moon encourages forgiveness and releasing of grudges, as well as setting out to more deeply connect with all in our world that is spiritual and divine. Also, asks you to escape, just a little, to jump into water, dance to your favorite music, pen a poem, cry a few tears and feel that you are Love. 💫 This is a time where we really want to be reaching out and connecting to those we love, to be feeling all the feels, and letting all boundaries drop away.

Full moon

In scorpio

Issues will esurface as we enter this cosmic release and enter a pink and emotional full moon energy which encourages to undress the ego and release what no longer serves.

Embrace the energy of Whiro

Inner child guidence

♍️ Collective card pull to tap in to the common themes of the circle.
♍️ Journalling prompts and exercise to communicate with inner child.
♍️ Visualisation based meditation to connect you to and heal your inner child.
♍️ Guidance to perform your own New Moon Intention Setting Ritual.