A few things about me ...

Kaitlyn rysanek

Hey guys!

My name is Kaitlyn Rysanek , I am 18 years old and currently have 3 jobs. I am a pharmacy technician as part time, also work at Mary haven full time helping take care of the mentally disabled and now I’m a business owner ! I am also enrolled in college starting fall 2020 to major in business and hospitality !

All I’ve ever wanted in life is to stand out be successful and learn as much as I can with anything I possibly can ! And thats why I’m here because I took up learning about hair and skin and all the different kinds of products for different skin and hair types and I am here to help you out and recommend the best products for you !!

Now I bet your wondering how all of this is possible am I right !? Well it’s possible because i have an incredible sponsor and team that is here at any time for me to teach me the ropes and everything I need to know in order to help others. We are here to guide each other and achieve our goals no matter how big or small ! Having great people surrounding you always helping with no questions asked makes this just that much easier.

And now I am here ! Here to help every single one of you guys get the right help you need! And believe it or not you can be just like me and do what I do too ! So lets get to the point and get the right products for you
Thanks for reading, so excited to help you out ✨😘.