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Naturally Vain

Hi there,
My name is Kaitlynn McConville and I am a Naturally Vain Ambassador. From day one Naturally Vain’s promise to customers is “ Top quality, handcrafted products with premium ingredients from nature. Cruelty-free, Vegan, crafted with care and thought, handmade with nature.”

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My Top Picks

My top recommendations

My recommendations are based off of things i have tried and enjoyed. However I’ve also picked the ones that save you money, my last two recommendations come in packs of nine and six which saves you money rather than buying the products individually, all products can be found individually if you are only interested in one of three steamers. There are multiple different smells to choose from when it comes to soap.

My first recommendation

Sleepy bubbles.
Relax your senses and calm your anxieties with this sleepy bubble bath. With its essential oils it provides a good nights rest and reduces stress

My second recommendation

Shower steamers Variety pack. This pack comes with three different amazing kinds. The first steamer is a Citrus blend which is perfect for waking up. The second steamer is a Dream blend perfect for calming the mind and easing anxieties. Last but not least Breathe its essential oils help to open up nasal congestion when you are in good health and when you aren’t feeling the greatest.

My third recommendation

The 6 pack bar of soap. The cold process soap handmade with high end oils, butters and liquid poured into moles. It is than cut 48 hours later after it has sat, they are then stored and cured for six weeks. Creating a long lasting soap.

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