My Story

Get to know me & why I’m so passionate about what I do! This is my story…

4 years ago my life didn’t look like this. My boyfriend at the time (fiancé now) and I had JUST moved in together & were barely getting by with my small income and him going to school to become an engineer... he was barely home or was up ALL night writing papers. It was already a struggle. But then we unexpectedly got pregnant. We suddenly found ourselves on low income assistance & relying on others to get by. The rent was not paid, bills were not paid, and I was struggling to even put food on the table. The TINY maternity leave check was the only bit of income we had. $400 a month. That’s it. You do the math on how absolutely IMPOSSIBLE that is to live on.

I found an online opportunity where a mom like me was making more than enough to support her family AND stay home with her kids. I jumped in with no excuses and basically just said “show me what I have to do”.

4 years later we are now top income earners in a beautiful home, have travelled the world with our little girl… went from unable to buy anything for her, to taking her to Australia for 3 months at only 2 years old… I Pay 100% of the mortgage & bills, & have a large savings and retirement fund & education fund for The kids. When I totalled my car I was able to buy a new one in cash.

And now with the birth of our second daughter I was able to let James take the ENTIRE parental leave of 14 months… over a YEAR… because my income is enough to support us. So we are now a full time family, and have bought a fancy trailer to spend the ENTIRE summer in 😭

.... all because of social media.
I have never been back to work since before that same maternity leave. I make more than a full time income doing this & things I used to cry over; we have now.

It is a completely different life now. It is a DREAM. It was MY dream, that I made HAPPEN.

And I did it all from my phone & social media, thanks to the beautiful industry of network marketing.