Here’s a few of my favorite things + ways to save!

flourish probiotic.

a living, liquid pre+probiotic that is synergistically brewed.

air doctor.

save on our favorite air filters - no code needed.

complete protein powder.

I love the unflavored and the chocolate one the best! 15% off with code: kaitlyn

nature’s multivitamin.

Grass fed + glyphosate free beef liver capsules. This is my “multivitamin”. Code: KAITLYN10 for 10% off your entire order.

water restructuring filter.

mitigate stress magnesium.

daily staple that I take in orange juice. 10% off any order with KAITLYN10.

grass fed + glyphosate residue free collagen

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grass fed + glyphosate residue free gelatin

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aleavia prebiotic skincare.

feed your skin’s microbiome. 15% off with KAITLYN15

earthley wellness.

my go to for affordable organic herbal supplements + body care. code: kaitlyn for 10% off your first order.

earthley’s home care line.

non-tox products to clean your home. code: kaitlyn for 10% off your first order.

red aspen nails.

The affordable nails I’ve been lovin’! Red Aspen nails aren’t what I would consider non-toxic, but they are a lower tox option than most nail products. The glue ingredients are rated at 1 and 3 on EWG. A ton of colors and so easy to apply!

wearpact organic clothing.

20% off your first purchase.

first dibs on flourish promos + deals.

easy sign up to get flourish deals texted to you.

thrive market.

our favorite way to save on organic + natural groceries shipped to our door. 25% off your first order + a free gift. one year + one month memberships available.

risewell toothpaste.

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grow fragrance.

$5 off truly nontoxic air fresheners that smell amazing.

leefy organics.

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home of wool.

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primally pure.

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clean beauty.

this is where I order organic mascara, liquid foundation, and the best hydrating lip sticks/glosses.

our favorite health + wellness Amazon finds.

mama sing my song.

Amanda takes your descriptions and dreams for your child and turns it into a BEAUTIFUL song to sing over them. She is incredible. Code: KAITLYN10

vaccine guide.

a great resource to be an informed mama.

Natural + nontoxic baby products we love

Herbal Teeth Tamer

Teeth Tamer naturally soothes pain, drooling, and irritability due to tooth pain.

Mason Bottles

15% off your order with KAITLYN15. Mason bottles are easy to clean, safe and nontoxic, and so stinkin’ simple to use!

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

Warms as gently as possible; preserving the delicate nutrients, proteins, and antibodies in breastmilk.

green sprouts sippy cup.

liquids only touch silicone + glass.

Liquid Flourish Probiotic

Suggested use of Flourish probiotics (Original or Junior) for those under 12 months old: 0-3 months use 0.25 ml daily; 3-6 months use 0.5 ml daily; 6-9 months use 0.75 ml daily; 9-12 months use 1 ml daily. We have noticed a difference with even just a drop! ✨ Flourish is safe for pregnancy as well. (Not intended to be medical advice.)

IKEA sniglar crib

Crib Mattress

Code KAITLYN5 for 5% off any order. We chose a crib mattress from Home of Wool - one of our all time favorite companies. Wool is 100% natural, VOC free, hypoallergenic, durable, and flame resistant.

Crib Sheets

100% organic cotton.

DYPER subscription

Our favorite Oeko Tex certified diapers from DYPER. With a subscription, they arrive on our doorstep and save us a trip to the store.

Bambo Nature Diapers

Another diaper favorite.

DIY Nontoxic Baby Wipes

I make the dry wipes wet with a little water and then spray Branch Basics all purpose spray over them. Store in a wet wipe container. Truly safe with no preservatives. 👏🏼 Tap to see the wipes and wet wipe container we use!

Convenience Nontoxic Baby Wipes

Changing Basket

Prebiotic Body Cleanse + Shampoo

15% off any order with KAITLYN15.
Simple, nourishing, CLEAN ingredients that are safe for babies. Not tear free due to the salt, so use with a little caution around eyes.

100% Organic Cotton Blanket

Air Purifier

Infant Tummy Relief

Baby Powder

Enter code KAITLYN for 10% off any order.


We use organic, cold pressed jojoba oil to nourish baby’s dry skin. Jojoba oils is a low PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acid) moisturizer.

Salt Lamp

Our salt lamp emits an calm, soothing amber light for nighttime feeds.

Montessori Play Gym

Handmade by a sweet mom in PA.

Infant Car Seat

This infant car seat is made without flame retardants.

New to Flourish? —

Yay! Your first bottle of living, liquid probiotic arrived! Let’s get you on the path to better gut health!

I recommend storing your Flourish in the fridge. Refrigeration is recommended but not required. Cooler temperatures slow the metabolism of the bacteria and increase longevity. Flourish does not expire! The date on the bottom of the bottle is the “best if used by”, when Flourish will be most potent. Beyond this date, the potency (measured by colony forming units [CFUs]) will decrease. Additionally, all the good bacterial byproducts are present after this date.

Both Flourish Original and Flourish Junior can be taken by everyone at any age!
Recommended DAILY dosing is as follows:
Adults: 15 ml (1 tablespoon).
Children [ages 5-12]: 5ml to 7.5ml (1 to 1.5 teaspoon)
Children [ages 1-5]: 1 ml per year of age
Infants: Always begin with drop dosing! Suggested use for those under 12 months old: 0-3 months use 0.25 ml daily; 3-6 months use 0.5 ml daily; 6-9 months use 0.75 ml daily; 9-12 months use 1 ml daily.

As a mama, I personally feel that gentle drop dosing of flourish liquid probiotics for babies, kiddos, and even adults is ideal when introducing this living, liquid probiotic. You can use a dropper and give them a drop, increasing each day by a drop. If you experience discomfort (explained below) you can move back down a drop and hold at that dose to allow the biome to balance until you want to try to increase again. Or just hold at that therapeutic dose! Follow your mama gut, literally. This is another benefit of a liquid probiotic: custom dosing! Dosing depends on each person’s unique gut health, gut history, nutritional habits, and individual tolerability. Message me for support!

Flourish can safely and effectively be consumed at any time of day. For optimal use, Flourish is best taken on an empty stomach when stomach acid is lower (higher pH). However, it can also be taken with food or after a meal.

Flourish may be mixed with smoothies, fruit juice, applesauce, yogurt, or milk. Do not cook probiotics or add to extremely hot liquids.

You may experience short-lived side effects as you introduce these good bacteria into your system. This suggests that the living probiotics are remodeling, detoxifying, and improving the gut environment.

Some common side effects may include: minor stomach discomfort, mild gas/bloating, changes in stool, rash, and acne. Assuming the side effect is relatively minor and doesn’t persist for more than 14 days, we should be celebrating these side effects as they are a good (and natural!) sign that the body is actively repopulating with good bacteria while combating bad bacteria. [Through this die-off process, endotoxin-like substances or lipoproteins can be released faster than the body can remove them, which in some can manifest in gas. This is often referred to as a detox reaction or Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. In addition, by adding probiotics, especially Flourish’s high potency of living beneficial bacteria, one is adding more bacteria cells into the body. The intestinal system may not be ready or accustomed to the extra bacterial numbers, so this in and of itself can cause bloating. Also, the good bacteria are wonderful digesters, so this “extra” digestion may lead to more gas/bloating.]

I have seen all of these die-off systems negated by the introduction of Flourish through drop dosing. This is why I advocate for drop dosing for new clients.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and give your body time to adjust! Some feel a difference within days, and others it may take a month or two to make progress. However, your health depends on it, and it will be worth the time and effort for improved immunity and digestive health. Always reach out in a direct message or email if you have questions. I’m here to assist in any way I can.

I want to learn more about Flourish!


Flourish is brewed with love in the Midwest and Entegro Health takes quality seriously.

• Made in the USA
• Artisanally-crafted in small batches
• Third-party tested

In addition, Flourish is —

• Living
Never freeze-dried, our probiotics continue to thrive in their most natural liquid environment.

• Diverse
Our products offer 11 different strains from 5 genera that provide a broad ecosystem.

• Complete
The liquid form allows probiotics to continue to live and multiply even after bottling.

• Synergistic
Short chain fatty acids, bioactive peptides, amino acids, enzymes & minerals all work together.

• Resilient
Naturally acidic, living liquid probiotics are able to survive stomach and transit to lower GI tract.

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