A Home To All Art Forms

Welcome to yuh Artistic Home wid a Caribbean Flare!

Here you will find a multifaceted space that houses projects with a combination of different Art forms... Kelly-Ann ( di Queen behind di brand) calls it a village!

Yuh ask mi Weh Inna di village?
(What's in the village you ask?)

🌴 Dance

🌴 Fashion & Beauty

🌴 Photography

🌴 Collaborations

🌴 Botanical love

🌴 literature

🌴 Acting


The Woman Behind the Brand

Kelly-Ann Johnson

“What colour will you not dye your hair? “is a common question that the young aspiring Artistic Director and Entrepreneur often gets asked. Unapologetically black and gifted, she is the walking definition of living life like there is no box.
At a tender age in her native land sweet Jam Dung (Jamaica) was where her talents were first discovered. She was born with art in her blood. Constantly being around cousins, other family and friends who danced, sang, acted, modelled, played instruments and painted are roots that she will never forget as they have been apart of shaping the young artistic woman she is today. She has entered competitions in musical genres of Soca, Contemporary, Dancehall, Kumina, other African Folk-dance forms as well as Cheerleading competitions and Drama festivals while under training with her school teachers.
 She furthered her training of being a versatile dancer after moving to Canada in 2011.         Kelly-Ann pursued Jazz training at Jacqueline's School of dance, the ballet program at the City Dance Corps and Hip-hop, jazz funk, Vogue and afro amongst other genres at different drop-in studios. Kelly-Ann manages to do all her artistic training while being inspired by three peculiar women who boldly stood on their beliefs and shaped the world, which further pushed Kelly-Ann to give birth to two multifaceted platforms ERN (Esther. Ruth. Naomi) In Motion and Dance With ERN. Her first platform showcases numerous self directed and collaborative modelling/artistic and lifestyle projects with artists from across the globe. Her second platform, Dance With ERN displays how she breaths and holds the heart of rhythm through workshops, performances, collaborations and dance pieces. She in an Elite Performer, an active member of the TKBA (Toronto kiki ballroom alliance) within the Supreme Kiki House of Christian Siriano, choreographed for artistes such as Baby Cham, directed dance projects, appeared in music videos with artistes like Rhianna and drake and other artistes, she worked in productions behind the scenes such as Textur'd Hair Show and on stage with Urbani Toronto as well as modelled in fashion shows.
She is an eccentric trailblazer who plans to make positive impact and leave her mark on the world while pursuing and achieving through faith her dream career of artistic direction. This is Kelly-Ann Johnson

Ern In Motion

Weh yuh can book mi yuh fah? (what can you book me for?)

Email me at ern.in.motion94@gmail.com for bookings and rates

Artistic Direction




Model workshops

Runway and Print

Dance with Ern

Dance wid Mi ! (Dance with me)

A platform which displays how Ern breaths and holds the heart of rhythm through workshops, performances, collaborations and dance pieces.
This platform is also used for the education of culture and paying homage to the ancestors and trailblazers before us and preserving it for the legacy to come through dance!

You can book Dance with Ern for classes in
Genres such as:

Dancehall (all eras)
Afro-Dancehall Fusion
Afro-Caribbean Folklore

Email us at dancewithern94@gmail.com for more info!

Pree Mi !

A Home To All Art Forms

The home to projects as well as collabs featuring artistes from all walks of life.

We Got Love! 💃🏽

Relationship x Loyalty