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hey luvs, so this is my milkshake website that will help you through your fanpage journey including: my fonts I use the most (also my favs), my colouring, captions and tips and tricks to help grow your fp!

my ibfs -

- Morgan (wifey tbh) @cgdspinkk
- Cami : @addspagne
- Bailey: she has so many fps lol


my colouring tutorial!

How to do my colouring

first go onto the app 24fps and import the video you want to colour and select the filter ‘tak3 on m3’ and save your video!

next go onto prequel and do these settings below:

filter: go onto filters and select porcelain and put it to 50%

effect: go onto effects and go to dust and select the second option! Put the filter to 0% and the dust to 100%

- go to adjust and do these settings:

exposure: -25
contrast: +5
highlights: +25
shadows: -25
glow: 10
blur: 50 (but you can do whatever you like)

and you are done with my colouring! make sure to give credits to me as this is fully my colouring! bio is preferred for credits and make sure to tell people if they ask ‘is this your colouring?’ Don’t say you as it kinda brings me down when I see other people getting praised for my creation the took me a long time tbh.

my fonts

my fav fonts!

Fonts for my current theme:

- garlic salt
- minigame
- Adelia
- poppy (not on dafont)
- lovtony
- chicken pie
- Louis George cafe
- nature pro
- chasy
- habede extra doodles
- bubbly
- children sans
- pretty you (not on dafont)
- love ya doodle
- menina graciosa ornaments
- better together spaced
- social media
- stanberry regular
- summer coast

other fonts:

- kawaii stitch
- sugar lite
- spring romance
- sketched
- sina
- rollergirls
- sleep night
- silent Caroline
- pixopopkawaiigirls
- naomis hand regular
- poopy v2
- muthiara
- emora
- mountain script
- austhina
- Misty cotton
- marola
- love story
- lion cub
- lemon milk
- Linux libertine
- love story



All of my captions I currently have!

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Fanpage tips

Tips and tricks to help you grow your fanpage!

1. Use trending hashtags but don’t use too many as they will cancel each other out and they won’t do anything other than take up a lot of your caption. You can even use my hashtag #kalemelios as well!

2. Do the latest fanpage trends as they most likely will blow up. also stay relevant and keep up with certain things that are trending in fps!

3. try to post 2-4 times a day or 3-5 to make sure tiktok and your followers know you are active so they can push your video to the fyp more.

4. try and do your own theme and colouring. By all means you can do someone else’s but ofc give credits for those but making your own theme and colouring that’s original and suits you will help you not get into drama and will forward more people to your acc when someone’s uses one of them!

- I hope these tips helped you as they certainly held a part of getting me where I am today! I wish you the best in your fanpage journey, safe travels!!