To be the most empowered version of me, and showing others their true potential!

Hi my name is Kali Jay!

So I see so many new beautiful faces jumping onto my page and I wanted to take some time to introduce myself all over again!

Im a large family Mumma with 5 beautiful children, one who is only 6 weeks old! And we are a homeschooling family, well more wildschooling... ditch the curriculum and learn through life 🥰!

We are natural minded and I have freebirthed 2 of my 5 babes! And those 2 are completely Vax free after we learnt the damage of those things!

But more on me because being a mum and doing the mum thing is not all that I am even though so,e days it does feel that way!

I am a wild Aquarian, and love to be free in life, travelling connecting with nature, and generally having fun. But even deeper then that I love to inspire other women and show them that they are just as powerful as those that inspire them. I am here on purpose to create a life of epicness, for me my family and others.

My whole world 2 years ago was one that sunk into a depressive slump that was a struggle to get out of, my health was up to 💩, my family was rolling in debt, and all round life was f—ked... not ducked but it felt completely f---cked.

So i searched for a change in lifestyle, and that was what i did i changed my life, i changed my families way of living and i found who i was, wuth a bit of woo woo, a solid amount of skillset, an ability to change the money making space, and a full whammy of determination.

I took my family from what felt like bum fk nowhere to sunny days...

Without loosing my jam, my words (oh yeah i swear so if that’s not you ✌) and with increasing my heart 10 fold.

I became the person i was dreaming of and im still on that path, by empowering myself and getting out of the slum of being “just a mum” and becoming my unique wild, free and fun self!

I am Kali Jay, and to see my journey friend me on Facebook or follow on instagram and you'll see my ups downs round and rounds. The switches in my mindset and my amazing upleveling on all levels of my life.

Cant wait to connect and delve deeper into some fun times with you all.

Wild free and abundant


Kali Jay