About me

Let’s be friends. ♥️

My name is Kallie.

I’m not going back to it because I’ve yet to go. I’m a lefty, have the same haircut as I did in kindergarten, and have a scar in the shape of a heart on my hand.

I can perform with the best, and still hide in a corner with all the other introverts. I have a fear of drowning and suffocating, but love being the air and all things that go fast.

I hit a parked car at 17 and know what your insides feel like when you chew multiple packs of gum and swallow it. I am insanely obsessed with the beach and dance parties. You’ll find me in my element at both.

I love music, and I may have enough leggings and pullovers for every day of the year. I geek out watching my husband show my son how to build stuff. They are my life’s copilots and make me better every day. If you want me cranky, take me to super cold temps.

I have zero preference on alcohol although scotch and whiskey have no real taste to me. I love a good challenge, loving on other people, and notebooks. I have faith that can move mountains, a servant’s heart, and a sailor’s mouth.

I will never again spend my time working a job to fulfill someone else’s dream, or try to stay friends with people who don’t have my best interest at heart.

I refuse to step on someone else’s back to succeed. I’m most grounded when my feet are in dirt or grass. I’m my own center of support, biggest cheerleader, and worst critic. Gimme adventures and memories over things any day.

I’ve been coined an optimistic hope giver and a pixie gangster. I’m determined to show my son the way to live his own dream, and not work for someone else’s.

I’ve got Southern Louisiana roots, but Texas has stolen a piece of our heart so looks like I’ll be getting boots.

I’ve moved 4 times in the last 22 months.

Lastly, I hope my bravery leads to yours. I hope you see that what you want is right on the other side of you making up your mind to show up every day.

Oh...and I’m determined to help people realize that our entire life is one big network market.

There ya have it. This is me.