You Have the Power to Change your Story

Only You can Take that Leap of Faith

Hey! I’m happy you’re here! My name is Kamryn, and I’m just living in a small town here in Michigan! I work 2 jobs with one being a online-at home based business where I get to work literally from anywhere! I also am a veterinary assistant at a vet hospital, as well as a full time college student!

I love traveling, hanging out with family and friends, and of course my boyfriend of who I’ve been with for 5 years now!

In October of 2020, I committed myself to an online business where I change lives one step at a time. I am able to give people hope and freedom along with confidence and stability. I’ve been so blessed with this opportunity. Let me tell you why. My regular job wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to be and I wasn’t making the money that I needed or desired. I am now able to bless others with the same opportunity with their desired income as well. I have the resources to where you can change your story one step at a time.

I never would’ve thought that I would’ve been given this opportunity to where I get to work from home, I never thought I would be selling shampoo either. But it’s way more than just shampoo, I’ve gained an AMAZING community where I am surrounded with never ending LOVE and SUPPORT. I’ve gained an enormous amount of confidence and self-love in myself. The other amazing benefit of this is I have the potential to earn FREE trips, to earn a FREE car. What other company does that?! I’ll give you a second to think... right! There isn’t one.

There are many goals I want to achieve in my life. Here are a few.
•To give back to my parents
•To be driving my dream car one day
•To be living in my dream house one day
•To retire my boyfriend/ future soon to be
•To Travel
•To give my future children the best life

Just by taking that leap of faith I have the hope and courage to make those goals happen.

Do you have goals? I’m sure you do!

Let’s reach them together!

Whether it’s switching to healthy hair products or if it’s making an extra stream of income, I’ve got you.

Just take the Hair/Skin quiz below⬇️ or Take the survey here! ➡️