name: Kang Yeosang
orientations: Bisexual, Biromantic
god parent:Dionysus
godly gifts/abilities (up to three): Make wine, make fertile land, make mortals see things and hear things (when he gets older the power will be the same as his fathers and make mortals insane
apartment floor: 10th
personality: A troublemaker to put it simply, he can be kind and caring but he loves trouble, specifically using his power on mortals to make them see things,
backstory: from a young age yeosang moved around everywhere, his mother being forced to move to suit her job or him making too much trouble with the kids at the schools he was at, he was expelled from most schools but was smart enough to know shit, at the age of 16 his mother told him to leave as her new husband didn’t approve of him but she gave him enough to live safely in a small apartment, he got a job and lived his life without hearing from his mother again. By the time he was 18 he was drunk off wine and hadn’t noticed the wine kept refilling itself magically until he was faced with Dionysus who explained about his abilities and told him how to manage it, he also explained that once he was ready there was a place he could live comfortably and be surrounded by people just like him *demigods* Yeosang had been confused but the next day tried what he was told and he managed to do it, two years went by before he decided to go to Olympus.
extra: Yeosang spends half of his time sitting outside Olympus causing passers by to see/hear things,
He spends the other half making the ground fertile in inappropriate places and making wine,
He still hasn’t heard from his mother but can sense his father sometimes even though he never sees him