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Order a $50+ Commission (detailed background with 1 or more characters) and get a free 16" x 24" print!

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About Kanna Productions

Autistic Artist who constantly battles against the odds

Art is my full time career and hobby. It has been a part of my life since I was able to first hold a drawing tool, be it a pencil or a crayon. I'm currently in my 30s and have been drawing nearly my entire life.

I specialize in illustrations, namely anime and semi-realism. I'm currently developing my own style and honing my skills. My favorite genres are fantasy, horror, and tragedy. I also love to express emotions.

My art is influenced by Clamp and other shojo artists, including Sailor Moon's. I also take inspiration from older animations like "The Last Unicorn" and "Flight of Dragons".

Like many artists, my life also influences my work. I'm Autistic and have lived a life struggling with the disorder, as well as depression and crippling anxiety. I've also been struggling with abuse and isolation. Sometimes my works can reflect the turmoil I feel, as well as my fight against everything that tries to hold me back.

Rules and Regulations  —

Please read or you will be sent here!

Full payment required up front for orders under $20.

Half or full payment must be paid up front for orders $20+

The rest of the payment must be made after the sketch is complete.  

Commission will not be continued until received.

No refunds.  Deposit is also nonrefundable.

Please be certain before you put your order in.


3 WATERMARKED previews and 3 chances for changes!

Finished pieces without watermarks will be emailed, please include your email with your inquiry, as well as shipping address if you are ordering prints or packages/w prints

Turn around time is 3-7 days.  Possibly longer.  

Weekends are not included in the turn around, as those are my days off. 

Normal work hours are between 6pm-11pm. 

Sometimes these hours get shifted to earlier in the day or later in the night.

If more time is needed, client will be notified and informed of the circumstances.

100% guaranteed communication. 
If you cannot reach me for whatever reason, email me at productionkanna@gmail.com

Response time is very fast, guaranteed within the day unless there are unusual circumstances.

Rush Jobs can be done for an extra $15.  Inquire about availability.

Commercial use is possible but at 50% increase.  
Example: a $35 fullbody piece would be $70.

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Kanna Productions —

What I'll draw for You!

Contact me about commissions @


Original Characters

Portraits of you, family, friends, or even your pet!

Cosplay portraits


Armor and mechs (no experience but I’m game to try my hand at it)

Disney, Cartoon, Anime, Video games

Het, Yaoi, Yuri

Anything LGBT related 

Anything related to related Autism Spectrum Disorder

Possibly anything to do with mental health and disabilities (inquire your idea)

Cute Stuff, Horror, Emotional, etc


*Ideas or commissions may be turned down.  


Explicit Gore
Controversial content
Hate content

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Prices and Offers —

Lots of choices!!

Contact me about commissions, packages, and print orders:

Commission Prices

Sketch $6 

Colored Sketch $12

Headshot $15

Chibi $15

Halfbody $20

Fullbody $35

Fullscenes – Starts at $50
Includes: Multiple characters & Complex Backgrounds
Price may increase depending on how complex the piece is.

Prices on this document are always up to date.



*3 Art pieces & 2 Prints $100
Fullbody art w or w/o complex background
Halfbody w or w/o simple background
Headshot or chibi

Includes 8 x 10 & 11 x 14 prints
Additional print can be added.

*3 Art pieces without Prints $75
Same as above

Custom chibi pack of 3 $25

Send inquiries if you desire different combinations or offers



I order my own prints and merchandise from a trusted printing company.

8 x 10 $18

11 x 14 $25

Keychains $18

Shipping $5

Shipping can be combined for multiple orders

All print jobs will be sent in on the 15th and 30th of each month.  Then will be mailed as soon as shipment is received.


You may print the commission out yourself by purchasing printing rights for that image, which is 50% of the original piece’s price.

Example: Fullbody piece printing rights would be an additional $17.50.

This can be included upon order or any other time after the fact.

You will receive a png at 300dpi, uploaded to google drive due to file size.


Other Offers:

Traditional Art: Charcoal/pastel $35 for 18 x 24 on Newspaper print
Shipping $10 (Shipping can be combined for multiple orders).

Custom icons: $15 or 5 for $45

Social media banners: $20

Stationary designs $25
(does not include printing)

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