Hey there! I’m Kara!

If you’re looking for a sign, then here it is!

I’m Kara!

If you’re taking a look, then you might be a little familiar with what I do! WHICH IS ALOT!

I love to keep busy, and I love having multiple sources of income.

Having a side hustle that allows me to work from my phone whenever and wherever I want or need! I joined as a full-time collegiate student athlete and at the time was taking 18 credits. I wanted something that was fun and flexible enough to manage my hectic schedule, while also being able to have the freedom to be with family.

To be 100% honest, I wasn’t a broke college kid. But if you’re reading this and you are, THATS OKAY! You clicking my application is the first step to changing that. That’s what opportunities like this are for!

So if I wasn’t a broke college kid, why did I join? I wanted to grow my market and meet new people! I ended up meeting one of my closest friends through this biz and even was blessed enough to stand as a bridesmaid at her wedding, and she will be standing with me for mine one day too!

I love staying busy and for me, it’s having another opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Whether that’s financially, emotionally, or physically! This allows me to connect with others from around the world and be the person they need to accomplish their goals!

I’ve became an overall stronger and more confident person through a social media based business. The amount of amazing people I have met and connected with has been an incredible experience.

The hard part is stepping outside of your comfort zone. Clicking this application shows that you’re looking for a new opportunity.

If you’re looking for a sign, then here it is!