Welcome my name is Kara thank you for visiting my website

A Little Bit About Myself And My Small Business

I'm currently working as a housekeeping operative as well as being a mum to my gorgeous eight-year-old son who is my absolute world! I live in a small town called Newtownards located in Northern Ireland where I share my beautiful home with my fiance, son and our little jack weenie dog (Lula) & our cat ( Misty ) no place I’d rather be than with them.

I started my venture with FM-world back in October 2020 and I signed up for this AMAZING! OPPORTUNITY purely to have a side hustle where I can make some extra money to treat myself and my family.

My fiance and I fell in love instantly with Federico Mahora (FM) fragrances inspired by our favourite designers “BIG BRANDS!” plus We save a lot of money.

FM-world is a global Multi-level Marketing company. Established in 2004 in Wrocław Poland by Mr Artur Trawiński, today we have more than two million Business Partners operating in all major international markets.

why buy high street prices when you can smell the same for less? which is a juicy bonus and of course why not make a little “extra money.” To treat me and my family.

Since I decided to join this INCREDIBLE Company!

I have formed some incredible friendships from being a business partner with Fm-World (“FEDERICO MAHOR”) I have met some extraordinary people from all different walks of life and I’ve been introduced to the most genuine and supportive like-minded bunch of people.

We have within the business girls and guys from salons, mums and dads people who work full-time/part-time makeup artists on the team - all sorts!

It’s super easy and fun! This is what makes it the best company ever!

My reason for signing up was simply to make an extra stream of income, come along on this incredible adventure with me…

Everybody has their reasons for joining the team whether it be to make an extra income or maybe even a little side hustle to save up for that little something you've had your eye on for a while, Or maybe you like the sound of running your own business, whatever the reason...


what I love about this company the most is you get to do it alongside what you do currently.

The opportunity is incredible! All training is given and it's FREE TO JOIN!

If it’s not for you guess what it’s FREE to LEAVE, So basically, you have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN!

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