Maybe you are here because it’s time to change your life!

Hi, I’m Kara! I’m a 34 year old mama of 3! I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and our life so far, has been amazing! I have been a server most of my life and have always had a burning desire for MORE. When my oldest son was growing up I spent all of my time at work and missed so many moments with him. Once I had my daughter and started missing moments with her as well - I knew something had to change. So I reached out to a random girl on social media that was changing her life. I thought if she can do it so can I. So I jumped in and learned everything I could. We just had our son in January of 2020 and just 2 years into this business - I get to spend almost everyday with my kids. I have never had to drop my youngest off at daycare. I get to soak up all the memories with them while bringing in and income from home.

I started for this business to help with groceries, diapers, gas, the extras and it has turned into so much more than that. It has changed us - in so many ways!
To become more
To do more
To love more
To give more
To grow more
To trust more
To dream more

Is it easy? Absolutely not. Nothing worth having ever is! Is it worth it? A million times YES!

Is it scary? YES! But in my opinion it’s scarier to stay stuck in the same situation so many families are in right now. A year from now your life could look the exact same or completely different. Both are scary. But you get to chose which fear you feed. In order for a change to happen - YOU have to make a change. You have to do something different.

I would love the opportunity to just chat and see if this is a good fit for you! My mission in life is to help families, like us, experience a life of freedom.