Jobs fill your pocket, adventures feed your soul

Heyy! I’m Kara - a 31 year old wife and new mom to the cutest little boy Jack and sweetest chocolate lab Dexter from New Hampshire.

I am an Occupational Therapist, lover of dogs ,travel, fitness and craft beer. I have been working 40+ hours a week for the last six years between two jobs trying to make and save as much money as possible. It’s crazy to think you can attain an advanced degree and still feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Then, having my son in 2020 was a real eye opener for me. Not only do babies cost a lot of money but my per diem job halted all work for over 6 + months. This meant less income than I was used to with more monthly expense. Things just weren’t working.

I quietly watched my sister in law and other girls I grew up with rave about these beauty products they were using and explain how it not only changed their physical life but their finances. I finally got the courage to ask what it was all about.

She introduced me to vegan, non toxic, animal cruelty free hair and skin products that are ANTI AGING. It was so easy to fall in love with these products especially being a new mom wanting to live a clean lifestyle. My passion for these products and this lifestyle have made working my business easy and fun! Not only do I enjoy it, but I have the flexibility to be home with my family and cherish the moments I would otherwise miss out on.

That was the beginning of the end... I realized that I could work from home, spend more time with my family and make money. I never thought this was a possibility for me. My overall goal is to pay down debt, save money for a new house and work part time allowing me more time with my baby. I’ve also gained a community and network of hardworking women who support one another in business and in life.

I’m currently adding a few more ladies to my team. You could join a group of 9 - 5’ ers , physical therapists, occupational therapists and nurses. We can help you build your online business and improve your health and wellness as well as others.

If you are are curious about these amazing award winning products or working with me and my team, reach out on the next page. See for yourself what all the hype is about!