Hi, I am a mindest & life coach and I help women break generational cycles, overcoming mindset blocks to live as their best version gaining clarity on their purpose to live their best and most exciting life


I grew up in a normal family and everything Shaked when my parents got divorced when I was 10, a not a very nice divorce and I lost my comfort my normal, my peace, my home. Not only that, two years after my father passed away.
Anger, resentment, injustice, sadness, emptiness, and of course anxiety and depression became my new reality.
After years and years of struggling, not finding myself anywhere I touched deep down when in a toxic relationship my self-esteem became so low that I forgot completely who I was.

Suddenly one day I had the strength to end it up and I don't think it came from me but through me, and since there I've been in a healing process where I feel completely supported by God (universe, infinite source..)
I've been learning how to step in my self-confidence, how to recognize the challenges I need to overcome and overcome them even with fear, I was guided to move to Jerusalem to a spiritual seminar for 6 months, where I saw miracles every day, manifested my husband, I found purpose and experience true inner peace where my soul, my thoughts and my actions where align.

In my healing process, I realized that I had wounds from my childhood that were stopping me to be where I wanted to be, it was a happy childhood and I was loved but my parent's reality wasn't the reality I wanted to live today.
I was ready to shift those limiting beliefs I had from them and my early first years and experiences and create the ones I wanted and needed to become the woman I wanted to be.

And here I am, keep learning about kabala, mindset, goals, manifestation, universal laws, NLP, self-esteem, and all these things that blow my mind, getting pregnant and keep healing and learning and shifting so I could live my best life so I can raise my daughter with consciousness, with abundant and self-worth beliefs, beliefs that will serve her, because I don't want her to have my same challenges of anxiety, low self-esteem, and hating my body, not feeling worthy of greatness, feeling unlucky.

I want to give her powerful tools so she will know how to face challenges, knowing that she deserved everything her heart desires and I know she will have an extraordinary life because I will give her that example.
And we know that there is nothing more powerful than a good role model.

So my life purpose is for her, for you because I believe that you have the power of living the life you are meant to have, with greatness, infinite love, support, and peace, and for making this world a wonderful place full of miracles where we all can see greatness, love, and magic

Karen keinan