Karina Brophy

Rise by lifting others

For those of you that don’t know me I’m an advocate for good nutrition, taking care of you and your body. Every thing that touches mental and general health inspires me. I love making people feel better about them self and help them reach their goals. I “suffer” if we can say it like that from anxiety. It’s pretty annoying sometimes. But it made me who I am today. And i think that my love for health and self care comes from this. So I’m thankful for it. I own a little clinic where I’m a massage therapist and do some esthetic. I have a small jewelry company, Mauna Loa Création. I specialize in diffuser jewelry, so obviously I’m an oil lover! I love love love Young Living products they made such a big difference in my life. Then i started a group for women who wants to move, eat healthier and just take care of them self. We support each other during our journey and we give each other tips, recipes and much more. And finally I just found a beautiful company! Zyia that specializes in high quality clothes for physical activity and a every day look.
Yes i know i gotta allot on my plate, but it’s all little things that i love and can help with health and well being and that made a difference in my life.

Here’s the links for you all 🖤