Tell the world what you’re made of

I am so excited your here! That means you are interested in what I do and would like more information, but let me tell you a little about me!

My name is Karina. I am 29 years old, Wife and mom of 2 beautiful Girls!
I live in Florida, born and raised, and I am a Full time stay at home mom.

I did this business once before but quit on it because my enrolled left and I felt so discouraged.
In 2019 I saw a mommy on Instagram that worked the business and I watched her for awhile before reaching out. I asked myself if it didn't work then why would it now?
But we were struggling financially, tight on money, living paycheck to paycheck, and I was at a breaking point.
I had nothing to loose, so I reached out, started as a product tester and joined week later.

I joined in October of 2019, moved very slow at first didn't put my all into it the business.
Then COVID hit and I was laid off my job in March.
I didn't know what to do, every place was shutting down, I cried but then I realized I had this opportunity that could help I just had to actually do the work.
I hustled my butt off!
2 months later in May I promoted in the Company and was able to make some extra income just from my phone in the comfort of my home.
I wanted to be home with my kids full time, my kids cried every time I left to work, and I worked every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, I never got to spend time with my family, have family time.
I picked up extra shifts every time I could, but I had no choice.

Now, thanks to this opportunity I am able to work full time from home, homeschool my daughter, and spend my weekends with my family.
Not to mention pay our bills, pay for our groceries without having to budget and just BREATH...

You can have it too, you can have that freedom, that freedom of time, financial freedom if you just take that leap of faith, let go of the fear and one thing I see that stops many is what others will say.
No one has the right to make you feel a certain way, or ashamed. Who cares what they will say or think because at the end of the day they will talk no matter what.

And while they are there in that same spot, they will see you growing, succeeding and accomplishing everything you ever hoped for.

So if your ready, lets talk!

𝐒𝐖𝐈𝐏𝐄 to the next page to fill out my application, and let’s find out together if this could be the solution you’ve been praying for too! >>>>>>>>

- Karina