About Karishma

🌎 Heal yourself, heal the world 🌎

In 2018 I discovered that I had an eating disorder— I was 32.

I had already done three years of talk-therapy and wondered how this went unnoticed.

Soon I discovered that while talk therapy got me to a certain point, there were still BIG emotions and traumas living in my body.

That's how I discovered somatic healing--more specifically breathwork which highlighted:
▶ How I viewed my body, why my eating order existed in the first place
▶ Why I didn’t have the relationships I desired
▶ The unhealthy ways I dealt with my emotions, trauma & anxiety

In 2019, was shocked to find that people had no idea what Breathwork was, because this ONE practice had the ability to change the world!

That’s how I made it my mission to heal the world through this body of work ✨

I spent three years traveling, facilitating and honing on my skills by continuing my education & studies in:

▶ Healing Generational Trauma
▶ Facilitating Family Constellation Sessions
▶ Reading the Akashic Records
▶ Learning Energetics
▶ And I could go on and on

These tools and certifications have allowed me to help hundreds of people find peace in their bodies, build better relationships and create a life filled with purpose.

TODAY I host breathwork events all around the world! Come to my next one March 2, 2024

All proceeds will go to Vesica Piscis Mystery School, a foundation that helps give mentally and emotionally abused children a second chance at life 🩷

What people are saying 👇🏽

▶ “Before Karishma, I went to so many specialists to ask about my dizzy spells that I suddenly started experiencing at age 19. No one could figure it out but Karishma immediately knew that this had to be generational and helped me heal within a few months. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve last experienced one! What she does is magic!” - Samantha S.

▶ “Karishma taught me how to resource safety in my body and it has been invaluable. I’m finding that I am able to do things out of my comfort zone more often with less anxiety!” -Natalie B. In