My Story

Made of resilience determination and grit for success!

City Corporate girl turned into a Entrepreneur building success with property investing.

Experience in many different projects and strategies. Building wealth and income to grow the business.

Let me share some detail about my background. I got into property because when I graduated I struggled to get a job in the field I studied in!

I ended up doing an admin job and worked my way up to a Analyst in my short lived 6 year career.

After getting some education in property investing, getting a coach to show me the ropes on how to get started and putting in a lot of action and hard work.

I very quickly realised that another stream of income alongside my job was proving to be of great value.

Once my property business was flourishing I made a business decision to step away from my job and build my property business full time and that’s how I got to where I am today.

I had no previous experience or knowledge in Property Investing or even how to build a business. Just goes to show that if you want something bad enough there is always a way of making it become reality.

My mission is to use income from my business to give back and build schools in countries where most needed! Educating lto build success!

I continue to work towards my mission and grow my business.

SKope Property Investments
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