Hey there! ☺️

I might just be the girl on social media who changes your life

I am Karissa! ❤️ I am so glad you are here!
I am a working mama of 2 and a wife to a fire fighter! I started this venture in December 2020 when I realized I had the opportunity to help my family financially all while I was helping others live a healthier lifestyle.

Just a few months ago, I had a great job, a beautiful family, and a life most people pray for - but it just wasn’t enough. My husband and I were both working full time, well paying jobs and we were still stressing about finances.

Then I made a decision on a whim that changed everything! I started my own business. I found the purpose I was searching for and was able to earn another stream of income working completely from my phone using my social media in my spare time.

One girl on my Tiktok changed my whole life ☆ ... and this could be the opportunity you’ve been praying for too!

Get to know me

I am an introvert and do not do well socially. It has taken me years to be comfortable in sharing my story. But, I have finally built up the courage to be completely open and vulnerable about my journey in hopes it helps someone else - maybe even you.

This is my story.

Five years ago I was in a very dark place. From the outside, everything may have seemed great. But, inside I felt like the walls were caving in on me. I was a brand new mom to a child who wasn’t your typical newborn - he was a sickly child who rarely slept and screamed all the time. I was sleep deprived. I was dealing with postpartum and baby blues. I was at the highest weight (252 lbs) I had ever been and the lowest point mentally and emotionally that I had ever been. I was struggling. I knew I needed help, but I felt alone. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. I was a mess.

One day, a dear friend saw my struggles and introduced me to someone who guided me and started me on my journey to becoming a healthier person. I have been on my journey for several years now. It hasn’t been easy. I have had many moments where I just wanted to give up and give in. But, I realized that when I made better and healthier choices, I felt better. Yes - I lost 100 lbs, but what I have gained is so much more!! I have a better mindset. I became a better wife, a better mom, a better person.

Throughout my journey, I fell in love with healthy living and fitness. I am not perfect by no means and my journey is still just beginning, but I have felt a calling for a while now that has been on my mind and on my heart. I have always loved helping people. I know the deep struggles that every day life can bring and I want to share what I have learned with others who may be going through some of the same issues. You are not alone!! You can take control of your health and gain your life back!

In December, I had the opportunity to meet someone through social media. She was an uplifting mama who wants to help others live a healthier and happier life. I just felt a connection with her. I messaged her and joined her team almost immediately. In just a short time, I have met some amazing women who share the same goals. We empower each other and lift each other up. We support each other and help each other out. It has been absolutely incredible! The opportunity to make extra income including some insane bonuses has been such a huge blessing to my family!

I am so excited to be able to have an outlet now so that I can help others become healthier and be the best version of themselves. I truly believe God laid this opportunity in front of me so that I could help reach many.

How can I help you? Do you want to learn how to become healthier from the inside out? Do you want to be able to earn extra income for your family right from your phone? Do you just need a friend to vent to? I am here! PM me anytime. ❤️