✨ About Me ✨

The road to success is always under construction

Hey there!

My name is Karli and I am a 26 year old who has worked two jobs most of my life, constantly on go to still make memories with friends and family. I definitely take advantage of my free time to still enjoy life at the surf beach, trying new foods, cuddling with my dog, or exploring new places with those I love!

If you know me financial growth and personal growth is a big focus for me. Unfortunately my path to both of these things were never easy and simple. Life had it’s way to put obstacles in front of every path I chose. I would try over and over again pushing to succeed. Finally I was back to my life and goals again! Then on September 12, 2021 I was in a car accident which set me back 100%. I did not think I was ever going to be afloat again and my life was crashing around me…

I always had a life goal of being the happiest version of myself but how was I going to do that with being limited and not able to do the things that I loved?!

Well this opportunity to work with one of the top haircare/skincare & wellness companies in the world is the step I needed to start pulling myself out of rut I was in. This company I knew right away would allow me to flourish in financial and personal growth and I couldn’t of been more excited about it! I’ve always wanted to work remotely especially helping others better themselves man or woman. Curious about our clinically backed, award winning non toxic vegan beauty products?!

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