Creating the freedom lifestyle

I help you create a passive income through an automated trading system.

Have you ever wanted a "real" passive income? Well you have come to the right place.

A little bit about me, my background is running two brick and mortar business and owning multiple properties and a little side hustle in MLM. I was living the dream....... well that's what I thought, until a two week getway to L.A. with my husband when we had a chance to remove the smoke and mirrors 🪞 that's when we realized that what we were doing was never going to allow us to live the life we wanted.

So what did we do? Sold everything and moved to the beautiful Gold Coast and started some soul searching.  This lead me down the path of a better business model of affiliate marketing and automation but I still felt like there was something else out there, something that doesn't require me to sell. ( if you have worked in retail or low ticket mlm you know the hustle is real)

I'm currently receiving 3-6% return on investment every single week.
This pays you automatically every single week even if you do not do a thing you still get paid.
You do not need to do any trading yourself.
Let the Pro's do all the trading for you.
You can choose to tell family and friends or not, either way you still get paid.


I leverage a platform called CashFX and doing so means that Pro Traders trade my money for me 5 days a week.
We’re currently seeing 3-6% per week returns (compare that to what you get at a bank!)
This is something that you can start small with (lowest pack is USD$300) and grow from there.
In fact, if you watch the video below I’ve broken down how you can start with $300 and in 51 months be trading a $100K pack!
The returns you’re looking at when you have a $100K pack is around USD$3400 per week - LIFE CHANGING.
This is true automation, true time freedom, true abundance.
Watch the video below to get a quick overview about what’s possible here, and if you’re ready to get started follow on to the next steps!