Meet Gingy

All you need to know about me

Hi, I’m Kasey!

I am 23, proud and strong Gemini and I live in Colorado with my spunky Aussie pup, Honey bee, and magical little black kitten, Sharpie.

I love embracing all that life has to offer and exploring all that this world has to offer while helping people along their own journey too!

Being a good person and putting good into the world is what I find value in. One person can make a difference if they make a positive difference for someone else, no matter how small.

Digging a little deeper into me,
I was born in Illinois and moved to Ohio as a baby and lived there until I was about 5 then moved back to Illinois to the Chicagoland suburbs. From there I started doing gymnastics and had a normal childhood. At age 16, my dad had a job opportunity and it took him and I to the state of Iowa in the middle of 2013. While my parents were still together and happily married, my mother and my brother lived apart from us for a year as my brother finished his senior year of high school near Chicago. I started to build a life of my own with new friends, a new school and my first job. I worked at a gymnastics coach and fell in love with it! I developed a close chosen family in Iowa and never felt alone despite missing my mom very much.

I graduated high school in 2015 and tried the college scene it just wasn’t me. I continued coaching and learning more about coaching. Working with kids and seeing their self confidence soar as they learn how to control their bodies and love themselves through my guidance is what made me know I was doing the right thing and I was in the right spot.

In August of 2019 I saw an opportunity to move to Colorado with my brother and I took it! I started working at another gym in Colorado and meeting new people and building a close chosen family once again. I have never looked back. Connecting with new friends and old friends as well who have moved to Colorado has been worthwhile and made every second of happiness so much better.

As soon as the pandemic started, I was devastated. Separated my family, friends and the athletes I coached, I felt out of sorts but we all remained strong and connected virtually as best we could. I became more and more thankful for every person I had met in my life and every difference I had made in their lives. All my relationships were never wavering and were my rock. I am blessed with a strong family and chosen family and with my gratitude for them, it made my want to help more people on their journey to a better version of themselves.

In September I was brainstorming and thinking of ways to accomplish just that and I found it!

I was DM’d by my now mentor, Emmi! She brought this great opportunity to me to do just the things I was striving to do, she welcomed me into a community of others with the same mindset as me, and taught me how to help more people on their journey to becoming a better version of themselves.

Upon this opportunity and joining the healthy living revolution, I found even more strength in myself and those who supported me. The confidence I have now is unmatched to any version of me that I’ve been before. I am a new Kasey with a goal of being better than just good and putting more than just good into the world. I’m on a new found path to accomplish my goals!

2021 is the year you watch me level up and join me in leveling up too. It’s not an “if it’ll happen”, it’s a “when will it happen”. We are speaking our goals into existence this year and doing what it take to achieve them and not settling for less.