Yin-Side Spirit

If you seek with your whole heart, you will find the truth.

Hi fam 🖤 My name is Kasha - old soul here to help you learn how to learn about yourself (wait, what? 😂) by reflecting your deepest & authentic self through your astrological blueprint.

I make connections to patterns - it’s how my brain is wired. My favorite connections to make just so happens to be between astrology & the occult to energetic cycles in our lives!

I have been studying astrology since 2008 & tarot since 2012.

I was /that girl who sat in Barnes & Noble for hours on end, peeping through every astrology book I could find & taking frivolous notes. I’ve YouTubed & Googled every question about astrology I’ve ever had. I’ve developed an interesting relationship with astrology & tarot by personifying my interpretations.

I know diving into astrology can be very intimidating - that’s why I’m here. A list of my astrology & tarot services can be found on the nearby slides.

I truly honor your trust in my interpretation of your chart & tarot pulls. I look forward to meeting you on the Yin-Side 🙏🏼✨

Astrology Services

Translating your energetic blueprint to discover your life’s patterns.

Level 1 ~ 60-75 minute Birth Chart Interpretations
• “Astrology 101”
- general overview of houses & planets
• what each of your placements mean on a personal level through your experiences
• emphasis on your biggest area of transformation
• emphasis on Rising Sign
• emphasis on North Node
• have any “spiritual” questions? Let’s talk about them!
* $88

Level 2~ 75-90 minute Birth Chart Interpretation
• all of the above
• personal North Node & eclipse cycle transformation interpretation (what area/s of your life are lit up by these influences)
• where the most recent & upcoming full & new moon cycle illuminates your birth chart
* $111

Tarot Services

Translating your core messages through tarot archetypes.

1-card question
* $3.33

3-card spread for 1 question
* $5.55

12-card current life path spread
* $33.33

• 1&3-card answers will be sent via IG DM or text with video, voice memo, and/or written description

• 12-card spread will be sent via zoom recording, email, or text