Kasi Espada | Health & Beauty Specialist

Quick Backstory:
I’m from Chicago and I now live in Arizona. I’ve been working for 11 years, and in those years sometimes I worked multiple jobs at once. I started working to help support my family and obviously create a life of my own. Growing up, my family and I didn’t have much. We moved around a lot, a couple of times we lived in shelters. My parents faced early retirement beginning 2011 due to health issues. Therefore, I worked as hard as I could and as much as I could because I was constantly attempting to find new ways to bring in more money.

I am a part-time nutritionist and beauty specialist. I started my weight loss journey in early January 2022, and I am now down 21lbs. I worked with a fat loss specialist who’s lost over 190lbs to help women around the world create similar results. Over many years and in the midst of my weight loss journey I’ve had bad acne due to bad eating, sweating through workouts and my new body developing. So, I’ve learned what works for my skin and what doesn’t.

Furthermore, I am a part-time Social Media Network Marketer. My family has business in 10 states and 2 countries, all while from our phones.

My dream is to support, motivate and encourage other women like me. In today's world no women should doubt her looks, her beauty, her skin, or her strength. As an individual woman that has to be strong for my family and myself, I started this journey alone and received help along the way. So if you want to be healthier and don’t know where to start, ask me, and I’ll help. If you struggle with skin care or acne like I did, ask me, and I’ll help you. If you need a gym partner, even if it’s virtual, again ask me because I will help you! I want to help you feel beautiful, strong and confident in your skin the way I feel in mine.


Social Media Network Marketing

Looking for an extra stream of income?
Or maybe a side gig? No, no, perhaps you want to be your own boss and retire early?

Whichever reason it may be, this opportunity can provide it for you.

The reason I love this opportunity is that it can:
-Make you more money
-You can have fun doing it
-You can meet a lot of great positive people
-You can travel more
-You can develop more freedom in life
-You can make a massive impact on other lives
-You can create a legacy for your last name for generations to come

—Partner with exclusive brands & well-known brands
-Get paid for your expenses through everyday life
-Help other people
-Turn social media from entertainment to a stream of income

What it takes?
—Access to mentorship & coaches
-Being teachable & coachable
-Open to personal development
-Building trust
-Learning to manage time
-Developing the business mindset
-Setting goals

If you feel this is something you are willing to learn and do. Or possibly you have questions. Let’s connect and book a Zoom call.