Welcome! My name is Kasmin and I’m more of a “at the spur of the moment” writer. Basically I write whatever I’m feeling or thinking at that given moment

Tell the world what you’re made of. Feelings, Emotions, and thoughts

My name is Kasmin, I’m 31 yrs old and I’m from North Carolina born and raised. I’ve always been a person to write out my feelings and thoughts. So I figure why not try to turn it into a business. Hopefully my words can speak to you and help you through what your feeling. Peace and love to you 😘

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I’m a cup full of love with a side of helping people. My cup is filled with so much love for other people but I don’t have any love to pour into myself. I constantly pour into you, you, you, and you that I left myself down. I’ve been the type that if I got it you got it, I’ll give anyone my last and still smile. When I’m in need I have no juice for me and none of the people I’ve poured into can’t even give me a sip of what I’ve given them. They’ll say “Kas thank you and I got you if you need me”, however that need is never fucking met. Then when they need me they blow my notifications up and like a damn fool, I pour into their cup again. It’s so bad that I’ll forcefully pour into their cup when my cabinets are bare. My fridge has nothing for me but it’s open to everyone else. Kasmin, it’s time to be fucking selfish with your drinks, and start quenching your own thirst bc those mfers you’ve helped has made it know that they’ll never quench your thirst babygirl. No more of feeling empty around here, that shit is a fuckin dub!