Kass portfolio

Accumulation of my art for your viewing

I channel my emotions into digital paintings of anatomy portrait pieces typically up close facial profiles. I also draw botany diagrams from real life references and special effects makeup.

Mouth digital painting

First of the series

The mouth digital art piece was made to go with the anatomy series I felt as though I didn't have enough diversity when I had originally created the series So I decided to take multiple pictures of mouths and reference off to get this final image. It's half open to show that I know how to create depth with other colors other than grays and blacks.

Hooded eye

Second of the digital painting series

This eye of the digital painting series is actually the first of two which are the same eye but with different color ways and back stories. I wanted to show different diversities in my color palettes by using warmer tones to do this eye. Along with difference in shape.

Cool toned eye

Third painting of the anatomy series

I drew the side to go along with the mouth drawing. I decided I would use the same color palette to do a connection between the eye to the mouth so you could tell that they were actually meant to go together.

Ear anatomy painting

Forth to the anatomy series

I chose to do an ear because I feel like I focused too much on direct facial features yours are actually super diverse and look different with every person when you can boil basic facial features down to categories unlike an ear.

Egyptian eye

fifth of the anatomy painting series

this is actually the same as the warm tone and I but in a cooler tone color palette inspired by traditional Egyptian makeup including ra. Using hieroglyphics for reference along with human facial structure

Portfolio opening piece

The 6th and last piece of the anatomy paintings

My portfolio cover piece is the 6th and final piece to the anatomy painting series. I used this series to figure out how to piece together pieces of the face without painting a direct face.

Bubble gum

Digital painting

I painted the bubble gum to show that I could paint individual objects instead of just anatomy in the same digital style as I typically use.It was doing something out of my comfort zone while still in my comfort zone trying to expand my art knowledge

Tea demon

Digital tea demon

This was the first ever drawing I had done on a drawing tablet.he was designed from multiple different religious standpoints and I thought it was super funny for a grim reaper type figure to be drinking tea

Color flip scenery

Color flip mountain range

This painting actually means a lot to me I paid that when I was in one of the happiest points of my life. I painted it in a park with no reference from scratch. I didn't want to do a typical colored scenery so I chose almost inverted colors

Warped portrait


I made this digital painting while I was in the middle of a panic attack I was trying to calm myself down and I decided to use it as a reflection of what mental health struggles feel like. It's supposed to feel almost uncanny valley to the viewer.

Thermal scope

Unique color palettes in painting

I created this painting as almost a feministic take on female anatomy. The painting itself isn't inappropriate but it definitely feels like it. It's a thermoscope view of a female's breasts. Made to play with color mostly

FX makeup

Fx makeup and what it means to me

I use a fx makeup as a way to calm myself down and channel my emotions into something that's not always so pretty. I love doing art on canvas and digitally but I especially like it on myself. My own face is my canvas with fx.

Nosebleed angles

Showing fx from different angles

This makeup look was made to make me look like I was beaten. I did this makeup around Halloween time because I wanted to look like a scary take on physical violence and to show that it should make people uncomfortable

Valentine's day fx

Red heart makeup

I did this on Valentine's day I wanted to reflect the fact that I've never had a good Valentine's day .I wanted to show that even things that may look awful on the service can still be kind of beautiful even though I don't enjoy the holiday.

Photos I've taken

A few photography pics

I'm putting these pictures in my hometown in here. So you can see that I have diverse skill sets and also so you can understand the town I grew up in and my motivation for some of my paintings