Get to know me :)

→ i am a current student-athlete at hope International University down in Fullerton, CA.

→ i am studying in Psychology with hopes in becoming a school counselor while playing softball for my last few years.

→ when I’m not down in Fullerton I’m in Fresno with my family and friends enjoying my time, all while I give back by coaching some of my favorite girls for travel softball.

→ i am looking for a way to provide for myself and coming across this business from a wonderful person has really helped me! I am more confident and love my how i feel about myself

→ what exactly do I do? go to the next page :)

What do I do?

My business helps women and men in all types of ways. Beauty, confidence, stable income, self care. This is why I enjoy it the most!

Monat is only 6 years old and only going to grow!

How am I involved?
-modern day social selling. This meaning that I work from home on my laptop/phone/iPad whatever is convenient

The company receives countless awards for the products and get this… it’s a BILLION DOLLAR DEBT FREE COMPANY.

The reason I am in LOVE with these products are because they are vegan, anti-aging, plant based, leaping bunny certified. PLUS we use the European Ingredient system that bands over a 1000+ products while the U.S. only bands 11.

Why did I join the business???
I was in the need for some type of income to provide for myself and as a broke college student athlete with no time to work somewhere was hard. I know that after college I am going to be in debt because of loans, well with this business I will hopefully have all of them paid off before I graduate. After college, I also want the financial freedom to live on my own in my very own place while pursing my career of being a school counselor at the high school or junior college level. I also wanted something new to put my time into when I am struggling or need to be occupied during certain moments in life. It mentally is hard for me being away from home for some time all while attending school and playing a sport. I have always struggled with confidence in myself and thankfully this business has truly brought that for me. From the help of my partners to every girl I have met through this business. It definitely is life changing.

Perks of joining the business ♡
- work on your own time
- financial stability
- personal growth
- supportive community
- FREE travel and vacations
- life long friends throughout your journey