Hey friend

I’m Kat!

Wife + momma
Daughter of the most High
Lover of essential oils

I started my journey with essential oils a little over a year ago, and goodness how our lives have changed since then!

But let me back up a little. Why was I even interested in the first place?
It all began when I lost my mother to cancer as an almost teenager. My world literally crumbled.
Fast forward through some rough years, and I had my own family....what a blessing!!
Little did I know that anxiety was about to hit me full force.
I began to obsess over my family’s health, I was so scared of losing everyone I loved that I let total fear takeover. It was terrible. I felt totally out of control when it came to their health and wellness. I wanted to do something different but I had no idea what.

God placed someone special in my life at just the right time, and her story spoke to me. I knew immediately it was the answer to my problems, and you better believe I hopped right on my computer and ordered that kit right away.

I can’t even begin to tell you how it’s changed and enriched our life since that day.
It’s forced me to face my past, and I grow stronger each and every day.
I’ve found friends and community and that is seriously one of the best parts.
You’re not just buying a box of oils and then left to fend for yourself. I’m here for you, our team is here for you.
Young Living is so much more than just oils, it’s a lifestyle and we are never looking back!

Sleep, skin, immune, and emotional support is waiting for you on the other side-
Let’s go on this journey together.

All it take is one small YES.