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Hi😊 My name is Katarina Garza, but everyone calls me Kat!

I’m 21 and I’m a business management student at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Tx. I’m also the President Emeritus of our school’s business professional fraternity - Delta Sigma Pi.

Although I’ve worked for most of my college career, I didn’t think that I would make “real money” until I turned my tassel and went into the real world. However, I learned that there was so much more for me out there and I didn’t have to maintain that mindset of “broke college kid.” I came across multiple opportunities to make residual income and I cannot tell you how amazing it has been!

I want to show others that their dreams can come true. You can travel, you can help support your family, you can pay off that debt, you can start your own business! It’s all about helping people to become the best version of themselves by investing in a dream.

Swipe left! Let’s talk or meet in person! Giving God control could totally turn your life around if you let Him🤍

Newest Business Venture

Vintage Clothing Store

Soooooo.... my boyfriend and I have decided to start an online vintage clothing store! It’s called The Junkyard. We operate on Instagram and Depop as of now. Check us out🤩


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