@ Kate_jacobs2016

Media Influencer + Networking💕🙏🏻

My name is Kate! I’m 19 years old and I’m a college student working to graduate. I just started to work as market partner with an amazing company called MONAT.

When I was really young I wanna to be a vet because all my childhood I grew up with animals in my life and I saw it has a great path for me. So when I got old enough To be around more bigger animals. I started to horse back ride and spend more time around big animals and learning about them. But when I was 17 i injured my knee and had to stop ridding for awhile for it to recover but that never stoped me. After my knee was healed I got back out to working with horses and big animals. Just not as consistent as I use too.

When I came across ads for making money online for media influencers. Non of them caught my eye but when I saw MONAT. I knew this would work out for me just by reading about it and seeing what amazing ideas and people had on there team. And I thought wow I could really see myself doing this.

If you take you a look you can see This company has been growing like crazy. (700% growth the last 2 years.)

Weekly payouts
- Earn A Company Cadillac.
-Earn Trips to Cancun, Bora Bora, and more.
- fun fact this company already produced 27 millionaires.😲🤯

- 18+ years old
- USA, Canada, UK, IRELAND, Poland ( expanding to more countries later this year)
- Motivated
- Coachable
- Willing to invest in yourself and your future

Not Required
- Previous Experience
- Spamming and “Selling” Everyone (Including friends and family
- A Large Social Media Following

Now, If you say your ready to say YES to the possibilities or just want some more information, swipe over to fill out the quick form.😊💕🤗

Plus, you can gain great friendships from work with this business. Like people who will go out of there way and share there amazing ideas and give you great advice and also show their love and heath for you.💕