Katherine Joy

Let all that you do be done in love. — 1 Corinthians 16:14

Hello, my name is Katherine, but my friends call me Kat, and since we’re going to be friends, you can call me that right off the bat – haha, that rhymed. If you’re here, it’s because your curiosity has peaked, you’re wondering what is she all about? I am a full time worker, momma and momprenuer! I’m all about comfort, happiness and having fun in the moments. I am also a foodie, a lover of all Disney, a clutz, a geek and kid at heart... plus, I’m becoming an essential oils person little by little (it’s my new journey) lol. My son is my fuel! And Jesus is the reason for all I have and my blessings!

I also have a passion for helping others and I put that same passion into my business and clients.

Now, maybe you are here looking to change your beauty regimen into the next level with healthy, non-toxic, vegan products. Wanting that hair transformation, fall in love with it and give yourself that boost of confidence... you deserve it! Or you are in need for better skincare products or need to start a regimen.. or don’t even know what a regimen is, then I am here to guide you.

And because my company is amazing and believes that health starts from the inside out they recently added the new Wellness line! So if you are in need of vegan, gluten and sugar free supplements, I have exactly what you need! Let me help you start your wellness journey, that gut health and help your body produce more collagen so you can feel more energized, happy and focused!

Feel free to DM me at any time for a personal hair and/or skin recommendation, or you can always take my hair quiz and I will always respond, and to get you started on your Wellness Journey!

OR maybe you are looking for something more?

Maybe you’re here because you resonated with my mission – to show you how to believe in yourself, make an extra income from your phone, to connect with like minded ambitous people who want more for their lives and know they deserve more.

Like me, you’ve come to realize that your 8-5 job gives you little to no recognition, minimal flexibility, not enough pay, and wait a whole year for a .50 cent raise. Do you wake up in the mornings wishing you were your own boss, in charge of your own hours, how much you earn, and have the ability to work from home or anywhere?

Yes, I feel you! That was me too. That’s why I made the decision to change my life. Take some of that control.

Or maybe you actually LOVE your job, it is everything you ever wanted and dreamed of. Your boss is amazing, the perks are great, and what you do makes you very happy, but you are smart and know that you could also be capitalizing on social media making money on the side.

You have a phone and scroll through IG all the time, recommending products and places you love to your friends and not making a cent out of it. But you’re ambitious so why not make some extra income, right? After all, living your dream life can get expensive.

If you want to leverage your social media to make another stream of income, have your own business, become your own boss, and be part of an amazing group of people that are supportive and like-minded, then let me help you and mentor you.