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Does anyone ever read the
‘About Page’ on people’s websites?

Haha, I guess so! Awesome! Thanks for taking an interest in getting to know me.

If anything on this site resonates with you…. I think it’s safe to say, this program is absolutely for you and we are going to get along swimmingly!

My name is Kate, I’m a devoted single mumma bear raising my two free thinking bear cubs and mischievous English Staffy in a quaint little townhouse on the Sunny Coast of Queensland, Australia.

I love my pyjamas, Chris Cornell, eating vegan ice cream out of the tub, and I have a long-standing obsession with children’s books.

My heart used to be where your heart is now. It ached to find a way to help my child through something I thought I had no control over and no way out of.

My heart ached because I thought I HAD to keep sending my child back to school day after day even though he would be begging me in heartbreaking tears each morning not to make him go!

I thought I HAD to keep sending him even though I disagreed with the values and beliefs he was being indoctrinated with for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, (for potentially 13 years of his life) by strangers who clearly didn’t share the same values as I did.

I thought I HAD to send him even though I knew it was traumatising and crushing his soul because he was being bullied not only by students but also by TEACHERS (and yes, I moved him to another school but it was equally as bad).

Believe me, my heart was where your heart is now.

But I made a stand and decided enough was enough, nothing was worth seeing my child like that day after day and nothing was worth allowing an outdated, constrictive institution dictate our every move.

Even though it SERIOUSLY ruffled some feathers within our family… my inner mumma bear took over and I made a decision that forever changed our lives!

Now, I’m here to hold space for and guide your family through what will be one of the most life changing actions you take in your lives.

I’m here to inspire and encourage you to reclaim your power, break out of the matrix and let go of that constrictive and governed ‘have to’ life and instead create your own autonomous and intentional ‘want to’ life!

I am here to show you first-hand how your children (and your family) can not only live a life without school but how you can ALL flourish and thrive in a life without the limitations and constraints of school.

The fact that you are here, tells me that you are already craving all of this but you just don’t know how to claim it and start living it!

With over 20 years of experience in the early childhood and education sectors and as a now veteran unschooling mumma who definitely prefers to live ‘outside the box’, I am an advocate for raising children as valued, autonomous and empowered human beings.

Through combining my innate affinity with children, my background studying and applying transformational mindset coaching, my passion for living an autonomous life and my natural ability to intuitively connect with parents and children on a relatable and vulnerable level, I guess it’s not at all surprising that I organically landed in the role of ‘Unschooling Coach’.

I’ve been nicknamed ’Sunshine’ by family, friends and clients. They say that a coaching session or a simple conversation with me is so inspiring and motivating, it’s like a “ray of sunshine” in their day, but I guess I’ll let you find out for yourself if you agree with them on that one. ☀️

Fun fact: I am also an author! The powerfully inspiring book ‘Conscious Transformation’ is coming out in October, where you can get a look into part of my own transformational journey.

I believe one of the quickest ways to touch and enrich a child’s heart is through laughter and connection which is why I’m also currently working on my debut children’s book series ‘The Wilderness’. - so if you have a ‘mini Attenborough’ who enjoys animals, adventure and a really good belly laugh… then watch this space!

I can be found where most people are found these days… on social media I gradually buckled and found my way back to ‘the gram’ after my extremely satisfying and productive year off socials!
[email protected]_unschoolingcoach

Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you’re here.


I could never homeschool my kids!!!

💬 “I’m not a teacher and I’m not smart enough to homeschool/unschool my children”

💬 “They will become awkward, unsocial weirdos and won’t have any friends”

💬 “They will miss out on sports carnivals and camps and school performances”

💬 “They won’t be able to get into university!”

💬 “They won’t listen to me and will just want to play video games all day”

💬 “What if I fail them and completely f*ck up their life?!”

💬 “OMG, I need my space! I will get overwhelmed and cranky and won’t want to be around my kids all day every day!”

If you’ve caught yourself saying any of these… you are not alone.

I hear you! I’ve been there.

To be honest, I haven’t come across a single homeschooling parent who didn’t worry about at least one of those things at the beginning of their journey!


Take a breath.

I’ve got you!

I’m not going to literally carry you up the hill like in this picture, but I will be there to guide you and support you the whole way… but I think we both know that you’re big enough to walk for yourself.

I know the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone, out of what you have always known can be scary AF!

But I wonder if you have considered…

What is it costing you to stay where you are right now?

What is it costing your children?

What is it costing your family to stay where you are right now?

Other systems out there are telling you that you have to enforce and follow a structured, regulated ‘mainstream’ system in order for your children to learn anything or be successful, but I’m offering a much more free-thinking, autonomous, ‘out of the box’ approach that will completely transform the way parents and their children, embark on this learning journey called ‘LIFE’.

Spoiler alert…

If you can parent… you can unschool!

This program IS for you if…

✔️ You are a conscious, awake , ‘think for yourself’ kind of parent.

✔️ You can clearly see the conditioning and brainwashing that is playing out through the mainstream schooling system.

✔️ You know deep to your core that mainstream schooling is no longer aligned with your values and beliefs. (Or maybe it never really has been).

✔️ You are a critically aware parent who is no longer willing to submit your children to the indoctrination that occurs within the mainstream systems.

✔️ You are one of the thousands of free- thinking parents who knows in your heart the time has come to step out of ‘the matrix’.

✔️ You desire to liberate your children and family from the contraints and limitations of the ‘one size fits all’, ‘ideal student’ model that mainstream schooling employs and promotes.

✔️ You are ready to say “enough is enough” and take back your power and responsibility for your own life, your children’s lives AND their learning journey.

✔️ You want more autonomy, more calm, more peace in your family life.

✔️ You are ready to live a ‘want to life’ rather than a ‘have to life’.

If it feels like I’m speaking directly to you…

Then you already KNOW that NOW is your time to take action!

This program is NOT for you if…

✖️ You’re not willing to show up with an open mind ready to learn and discover ways to transform and enrich your family’s life.

✖️ You’re not committed to advocating for your child/ren and family by standing behind your decision to home educate and transform your family’s life.

✖️ You’re not willing to trust your decision, trust the process, trust yourself, and most importantly, trust your child/ren.

✖️ You’re not open to letting go of old paradigms and routines and allow new adventures and ways of being to unfold and blossom.

✖️ You’re not prepared to be patient (very, very patient) and compassionate with your child/ren as they find their feet and rhythm as you all embark on this new chapter. -For some families, finding a rhythm that works for everyone can take quite some time, depending on how much there is to shift, let go of and recover from.

Have you been told by a teacher that your child ‘can’t sit still’, is ‘disruptive’ or has ‘behavioural issues’? —

I wonder if you have considered the fact that most people do not perform at their best when they are being forced to do something they don’t want to do and is of zero interest to them or when they are told they have to be somewhere they don’t want to be.

Ready to drop the labels and let them explore, play, learn and LIVE? Register HERE!

I could tell you how awesome it feels being in a blanket fort with like-minded people who encourage you to speak and live your truth… but I’ll let you experience it for yourself!

Register HERE to claim your spot in Kate’s blanket fort!

YAY! Program Bonuses…

Guest speaker 🎤

Founder Montessori Homeschool Collective, Mother of 4, Montessori Teacher and homeschooler.
Rachel holds an AMI, internationally recognised 6-12 years qualification.
After attending a Montessori conference in 2005, surrounded by beautiful, inspiring, like-minded people Rachel knew she had found her place in the world and took a pledge “To Champion the Cause of all Children” and each day since has done just that. She took up studies, on the development of children from 6-12 years and emersed herself into diverse childhood environments and age groups. She constantly educates those around her on how they can positively impact in a child’s life. Rachel follows the words of Mother Theresa “I alone can not change the world but I can cast the stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
Rachel has worked in a myriad of environments preparing them to meet the developing needs of the child. Through observation, practical knowledge and love she has inspired the human spirit in many children and parents.
Rachel's mission is to nurture the greatness of each child Body, Mind and Spirit, through homeschool classes, parent courses, workshops and curriculum support.

BONUS OPTION - ‘School’s Out Gamers’- Connect & Play Portal

So you’ve taken your child/ren out of school and now you’re worried they will miss their school friends and have nobody to play with during school hours?

The ‘School’s Out Gamers’ could be just the thing to ease them into new friendships, connections, confidence and skills.

This is an extremely casual and completely optional (like absolutely, totally, completely, extremely casual and optional) bonus for children who would like to connect with other unschoolers and ‘connect and play’ via online gaming platforms from the comfort of their own home.

Further details will be available for those who are interested and have signed up to the 4 week ‘De-School, De-Condition, Re-Connect’ program.

Don’t take my word for it.

Listen to the people…

Mellisa Hilton

“Welcome down the rabbit hole! Years of frustration and anguish in the mainstream school system, disappointment at its lack of resources and the general lack of understanding & compassion within it for kids that don't fit the mould... led my family to the realisation that (much to my personal fears & insecurity), I may need to home school our 11yo ASD son.
My astounding two finger typing was a flurry of clicks and googling, Facebook searching and swearing when I commented a random "Yes Please" to more information about Kate's un-schooling program and a miracle occurred.

Kate talked me off the ledge of stress and trepidation. In one conversation I had found the confidence and resolve to act swiftly, follow my instincts and choose my sons mental health over the fear that I wasn't "good enough" to homeschool him.
Among the tears was the relief that someone understood how I felt, the guilt lifted, the laughs started... and the next day was my sons last day in "school".

All of this transformation happened from just ONE conversation with Kate and I haven’t even started in her program yet!! Shut up and take my money! I am all in!!

You are not crazy, you are not alone and if Kate can get me to jump in the deep end, you bet she can help you too!
You absolutely ARE good enough. Just ask Kate! 💖

Ready to do this?

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