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Better hair
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It's all possible! Genetics play their part, but you'd be surprised how much difference switching your products makes.

There's nothing scary! Vegan, toxin-free, naturally based and clinically proven products that work. Send me your quiz answers and let me make some personal recommendations and show you the options - no pressure.

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If you're concerned with what you put in your body, are you checking what you put on it? It only takes 26 seconds for the largest organ (your skin/scalp) to absorb what you put on it into your bloodstream!

This is me!

Consistency and patience 💚

On the left was just over 1 year of using the hair care. Before this, my hormones had taken a sudden turn and my previously easy, looked fine hair had gone bad! Thinning, losing condition, dull and limp.

A year in and I was happy with my hair, I thought that was it. Well, taking that photo on the right just shows you what another 9 months has done - it just keeps getting better!

When it comes to my skin, the hormone changes have made it super sensitive to the sun. See all those patches - this was me using sunscreen! Using the skincare for 1 year and I'm at the skin on the right - more even, brighter, and now happy with the new facial sunscreen to help keep those patches from darkening.

Take the quiz for you, or both, to take the first steps on your journey. x

Hair Care

World's #1 Premium Hair Care Line

These products target the root issues of your hair using essential oils, vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, and other wonderful ingredients that all promote hair growth and restore the follicles on your scalp back to optimum health. All of our products are non-toxic and are safe for chemically processed hair!

How is it different? Well that's a molecular thing (clinically proven too)!
All other hair products sit on the cuticle of the hair shaft but these products work differently. They are able to penetrate all 3 layers of the hair shaft! This is how they are able to repair your hair from the inside out and give you a healthy scalp.

These products put the good aminio acids, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils back in (not just on) your hair!

Skin Care

Award Winning Skincare

When it comes to skin care, we're still vegan, leaping bunny certified and avoiding those toxins.

We offer a complete solution formulated to fulfill seven Anti-Ageing Promises:
🌿 Improve Brightness & Radiance
🌿 Reduce Age Spots
🌿 Even Out Skin Tone
🌿 Improve Elasticity
🌿 Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
🌿 Improve Texture
🌿 Improve Moisture & Hydration

Whatever your skin type, we have something for you within our Be Gentle, Be Balanced, Be Purified and For Men ranges. Pick one that works for you, or mix and match across them all.

There are also targeted solutions to tackle those crow's feet and dark circles around the eyes, a vegan retinol alternative 30 Second Miracle wrinkle eraser, gentle scrub/mask and a Make-up Vanishing Balm.

Many of these have won top awards and featured in magazine beauty edits, including in Vogue!