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It’s nice to meet you…well soon anyways. I’m Katelyn and I am 21 Years old.
Here is a bit about me & what I am doing.

Have you ever wanted something more for your life or have felt as if something is missing? Or have you ever wondered if there’s something good out there that could fit your lifestyle? If you answered a YES to any of these then we’d both be in the same boat. Cause I too have always wanted more out of life. I never desired the “normal” white picket fence home or the 9-5 job. I wanted adventure & extraordinary! I wanted to wake up excited about the new day ahead knowing it wouldn’t be the same as the last.

No. I wanted to cherish every minute. For me I am always finding my self on the move. I’m either on a plane to the Dominican for missions or heading to another state or just back home. I was in need of an income that could keep up with me on the go. That’s when my now mentor, who I followed on Instagram for awhile, talked about how I could do what she was doing, run my own business, be compensated for it, and be my own freakin BOSS. Like what?! It sound to good to be true, so what’s the catch? There is none.

Obviously I jumped on this opportunity after pray fully considering it of course. I am now a proud Market Partner of MONAT one of the fastest growing beauty brand globally. It’s a luxury haircare, skincare and wellness company! So let’s catch up I work for a company that makes the product that I have used for 6+ months & absolutely freaking love, but that’s not even the best part…

Now I can go to the Dominican or another country or out of state and run my business. Or I could be in a plane or hiking or riding the plains of Wyoming and still be able to run my own business! Why you may ask? Because it is a mobilized income, which means it goes wherever I go!

The sky is the limit people & I have a community of business people helping me succeed in this business. I can pour as many hours I want & go as far as I want with this. It’s all up to me cause I’m the boss. No longer stuck in a rut, because each day is a new adventure that is different and exciting. The best part is God blesses us with these fantastic opportunities guys & it’s up to us to run with it.

What do you think? Are you ready to give up normal? To grab hold of the reigns of your life & ride? You can do this. You are capable of the extraordinary!

If your ready to say ‘heck yes’!
Then swipe right.

Hasta Luego ;)

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