Your Glow Up Starts TODAY

Hi y’all it’s Katie! 🤍🤍

I’m 24 years old young woman & I’m a full time student with who owns her own business
! Also I am a cat, dog, and horse mom! Got to give a shout out to my beautiful furry animals. I work from my phone by selling luxury hair and skin care products: Monat brand.

I love to motivate, inspire & spread confidence to everyone around me! I truly believe in the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. As well as ALWAYS BE KIND.

This year after going through HELL with health issues not being able to hold down the regular “9-5 job”, I decided to invest in myself & join an amazing anti-aging, vegan beauty company! I was super hesitant to take advantage of this opportunity, but I was tired of feeling hopeless and lost. Because of my health I felt useless and like I couldn’t be a productive member of society! As an individual who loves personal growth the lifestyle I was living was making extremely depressing. Being so young and being so sick was so depressing to me. Sitting in the bathroom all day throwing up is not living.

I was a student who had racked up MAJOR credit debt (welp), with just having leave to job after job because my cycil vomiting syndrome . I heard about the opportunities this company could offer & I said “WHY NOT, let’s do this Katie.”

The extra income I could make, the free trips, the healthy hair & skin I could have, the ability to work from wherever & be my own boss... (say what... my own boss?!)

So I took the scary leap and jumped! I said “yes.”

Since then....
•I am feel a confidence I have never felt before
•Has made a dent in my 6k credit card debt (yay!)
•I get to make women and men feel confident and beautiful everyday
•I get to make my own schedule
•I get to met new young women who are inspiring, hard working, and have the same same moral & values as well!

In this short time I been in this company and owning my own business, my life is headed in such a POSITIVE direction. My physical health and mental physical have improved drastically.

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to uplift other young woman? DO YOU WANT FLAWLESS SKIN? Of course you do. Come start your OWN business or check out the products.

Your GLOW UP starts TODAY! ✨

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