About Me

Hey there! I’m Kate!

Thank you for checking my page! By the way, I am Kate, a Mum, a business mentor/coach, and global business owner. In others words, I am the CEO of my own life. I always wear my heart on my sleeve and believe that everybody gets a chance to be really good in life. I am a Mum with a big heart, an even bigger vision and mission in life. I love God and always put Him first in everything that I do - as a Mom, daughter, sister and business leader.

My mission is to help people like You unlock their true potential, and realize that you don't have to choose between having a successful, fulfilling career, being financially independent OR being a parent - You can have it all!

I am proud to have taken that leap of faith from a 10-12 hour corporate executive job to building a Business empire with a Global reach. I am here to help thousands of people scale their own successful online business from the comfort of home, around their existing commitments.

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