Biography: Katherine was born 1888 in Wellington, New Zealand. At the age of 18 she went to London to attend Queens College. When in college Katherine began to write stories and this is how she met her best friend Ida Baker. She became pregnant by a young musician with the name of Garnet Trowell. Unfortunately she lost her baby and had a still born. In 1917 Katherine was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. In 1919she left London to ring health in Italy, France, and Switzerland until her death in 1923.

A Life in Lines: Katherine Mansfield. By: Anna Jackson
When Katherine was in high school she would write long messages to her crush. She started writing her stories because of the messages to her crush. Nina Powles said “If Katherine Mansfield was my best friend…” this shows that her biography stems from more than just her work.

Katherine Mansfield: A Secret Life. By: Claire Tomalin
At the age of thirty four when she passed she had already established herself as one of the top writers of the twentieth century. This book tells us about the brave and gifted writer that we know as Katherine Mansfield.

The Katherine Mansfield Notesbooks. By: Katherine Mansfield edited by Margaret Scott.
Katherine published three volumes of short stories in a German pension, bliss, and the garden party and was regarded as one of the most creative writers of modernism. Katherine’s husband Murry wrapped her image as passive, ethereal soul by recasting her journals and notes.

Katherine’s Works: some of her most famous works are stated below.
​The Garden Party
The Daughters of the Late Colonel
At the Bay
each of these stories have been been published and there are other stories that were written but not published in print.

Katherine’s unprinted work:
​The Fly
The Earth Child in the Grass
Katherine’s journal entries
​these works of hers were not published in print due to her diagnosis of tuberculosis.
Her journal entries were published after her passing and this is a new edition to her works that were made by her husband Murry.

Katherine’s work fluctuated when she was diagnosed with T.B. because she was worried about her health. “Without passion, one writes in the air, or on the sands of the seashore.” - Katherine Mansfield. When she became sick she lost her passion to write when she was first diagnosed but later on got her inspiration back.

Some journals that were inspiring are a short bibliography of Katherine Mansfield and a short reading about her illness.

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