Hello love!

Made by self-creation; not self-destruction

Hello beautiful! My name is Katherine! I’m 29 years old, currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A little bit of me to keep it simple and sweet!
✨ work full-time for a healthcare company
✨ published model
✨ lover of the art of drag
✨ traveler
✨advocate for mental health

November 2019 I partnered with one of the fastest growing luxury haircare and skincare companies as job #2. I was so tired of barely making ends meet and not being able save to achieve my long-term goals. It reached to a point to where I was physically and mentally drained everyday, and it was not good for my body and mind. Then one day came an opportunity that I will never regret because, not only am I now able to make EXTRA income at my own time, I am NOW able to make it anywhere on my phone!

I’ve been on my curly hair journey for the last 3 years now and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made, because now I am able to teach others the importance of healthy hair + skin, and it all starts with taking care of YOURSELF!

I am passionate about what I do, but what makes me happy the most is helping others and inspiring them to be their most authentic self. I believe that if you put your heart, mind and soul into it, you can achieve your life dreams!

Being a social media influencer has given me a platform to share my life and experiences, plus I get to work alongside with the most EMPOWERING + AMBITIOUS and HARD-WORKING women from all over the world who want to change their lives as well. Social media did not change me, I CHANGED ME; and I want to help change YOURS!

If you came across this page feeling inspired and ready to take on the biggest opportunity of your life, let’s chat! ➡️

Kat’s Favs

I call my hair, my “everything hair”. Everything from photoshoots, to a night out to a drag show or maybe you just need a day of “self care”, my top products are what keeps my curls popping from days on out!

Rejuvenique Oil


Did you know that the Rejuvenique Oil can be used in 101 ways? Let me just tell you the few ways I personally use it!

• apply with my favorite moisturizer or night cream
• a few drops to my hair to seal and tame frizz on refresh days
•a few drops on my hair on wash day, focusing on the ends to give my hair shine
• apply a drop to my nails
•a drop or two to my mascara to make it last longer.
•apply a drop or two to my foundation to give a smoother and natural application.

the list can go on and on!

Curl Defining Cream

Wanna know how I keep my curls popping for days on out? This cream gives me soft and touchable locks without my hair feeling crunchy. Prior to styling I like to spray my hair with water to make it damp before I apply. I style in sections, and I rake smooth, “praying hands” method and scrunch it up! Need to refresh? Water and a little cream will do the trick and that’s all!

Air Dry Cream

My favorite way to dry my hair is to air dry. It usually takes me almost 4-5 hours for my hair to completely dry since I have a lot of hair and it’s long. Taking a little bit after I style, cuts half the time. Whenever I have an upcoming event or if I am just in a rush, this one truly saves me time!


How many of you deal with split ends? This jewel definitely saves me a few less trips to the hair salon before I get my hair cut. I spray my hair with a little water and detangle before i apply. I add about 3 pumps to my long hair from mid-shaft to ends, wait about a minute and then going the rest of my styling ways. My ends doesn’t feel so brittle and dry and my hair feels more manageable and becoming less frizzy!