I love my products like I love my friends. Non toxic

Hi, I’m Kathrina Mae ✨

I love all things beauty. Skin care, hair care and lashes. I’m a certified lash artist and now a shampoo dealer.

Aside from my current job I have two additional “side gigs” and having additional income is a SMART decision which leads to increased financial security and comfort.

When I joined this business in the beginning of October and I had no idea what the products were even about. I was in a position to start something new since with covid my job has been closed. Once I got to test out the products for myself, I fell in LOVE with them. Being part of this business involves social media promotion and also sharing my journey. Even though starting this business has been WAY out of my comfort zone I told myself, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

I took a leap of faith and faced my fears of trying something different. Most people would be skeptical of what we do because they were always taught to look for jobs instead of opportunities. Surround yourself with people that will fuel your spirit and not your ego. I’m in a team of empowering and supportive woman. So stop worrying what others may think. Do you boo.

Seek. Flourish. Bloom.


Let me tell you a secret ... right now is the best time to join!

Wondering if it’s worth it? Let me tell you another secret... it’s worth it!

Certified Lash Artist

I’ve been doing lashes since March 2019. I’m currently living in Montreal, QC and offer Lash services in my own home.

I’ve always had an interest in lash extensions and I absolutely love how low maintenance they are. I love all things natural beauty and with lash extensions it simply enhances your beauty.

Looking forward to doing your lashes!