Hi friends, I’m Kathryn

~Let’s change your life together ~

Three years ago I was a newlywed trying to make ends meet. Bills were piling up and I was praying for a solution. A friend of mine who I met on social media was posting about an amazing opportunity. She had retired her husband and changing so many lives. I thought, why can’t I do the same? Is this what God was telling me take a leap of faith on? I jumped in and never looked back. I now make more than I do with my nursing career. I am on my way to bring my husband home full time so that he can get away from the stress and focus on things he’s passionate about.

What we thought was an opportunity to just pay bills turned into so much more. We were battling with infertility. This business was able to pay for infertility treatments, which was a HUGE blessing. God knew all along what this business would bring and I’m so thankful I listened. Fast forward to a few months ago we were hit with the worst news. We found out that we had miscarried. I can’t begin to tell you the heartache but the friends I made in this business are absolutely incredible. God knew I would need these girls I met on social media to get me through the toughest time in my life. It’s amazing what God puts in our life to carry us through before we even know why.
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