Who Am I?

As someone who is recovering from anorexia, I want to spread awareness about them. This Disorder has the highest mortality rates, and I almost lost my life because of anorexia.

I'm still Kathryn, but stronger and way more resilient. I'm not fully recovered, but I've been on a long journey for 2 years, and am so close to finally finishing the
marathon! I honestly can't believe I have
made it this far, and I'm really proud of myself.

When I’m older, I want to be a psychologist or psychiatrist since I've went through many types of treatments, it has created a larger insight to these
careers, I also want to give back to people, who may be experiencing what I went through, because it was not fun at all. I've made many new connections along the way, and couldn't be more happier. This was such a long path, but it was really worth it :)


I picked up crocheting in September of 2021 and instantly fell in love with it! I later started an Instagram page dedicated to it, and here I am now! I love creating and running a business!

I also love long distance running and figure skating! (Cross Country and Track) I’m always running, and it’s so fun and calming! I’ve been skating since I was 4, and it’s so nice to see my friends and work on new skills!

I’m also very passionate about science, as I run the science club at my school! I’m pretty brainy, so I love to learn and study new things! :)