A little about me

Being independent has always been my thing now I get the chance to show the world that.

Hi I am Katheryn Maldonado!

I first would like to start off with a little about me! I go by Kathy, I got two beautiful boys and one on the way! I use to work in the dental field as a dental assistant in which I worked with some great doctors but I also worked with some of the worse doctors!

However, working 9-6 just wasn't for me anymore. I am a hard woker and would put my all in but felt like I wasn't getting no where in the dental field and felt unappreciated. I was back office lead but wasn't getting paid what I deserved. I would wake up not wanting to go to work and would even cry after every shift on my drive home.

Lucky I got the chance to do something greater with my life thanks to a beautiful team and a great mentor who reached out to me! I have always been told I am made out of potential even from some doctors I have worked with but I just wouldn't believe anyone about it. However one day I woke up and realized I am made for more and I could get where I want in life with this potential everyone else saw in me.

Now I'm so happy to start this new journey of mine and would love for anyone to join me to become independent and just be happy at a job/ your own business just like I am!

I say cheers to a better life, cheers to being your own boss, cheers to moving up in life and doing great things and seeing this big beautiful world! Working from home is a great great feeling for me and I'm sure for lots of beautiful women it would be great as well. I know many mommies could relate how difficult it can be to work full time and be a mom but let me tell you that with this opportunity, you can too start a journey you wont regret.

Let's get started ladies, women power is the best! It's a mans world but real women can make the world go round and become bosses and make the same money as a man so lets get it!