My up’s and down  —

This is me!

Hi! My name is Kathy Cirino , I am wife and mother of a 5 years old prince, I love my family, my home and they are everything to me, I am work from home since 2016, for that reason I decided to make a change to a better healthy life.
*This is me! In 2012 I began my journey toward a healthy life, weighing 270 pounds, I did not know anything about nutrition or at least I needed to eat, and browsing Facebook I found a group where there was a coach and nutritionist, he gave many tips and challenges to lose weight, in which I take the first step and start to fallow all his advice, in that year I lost around 80 pounds, I was so happy and proud of my achievement.
*My blessing: in 2014 it turns out that I got pregnant, before this pregnancy and losing weight, I had had 4 pregnancy losses, which in this pregnancy after 5 months was a miracle, due to my history of losses I had to rest during all my pregnancy, which because of that I gained weight, but it was worth it because I had my baby, who is 5 years old right now.
It was not easy at all to recover what I had already achieved and more failed results weight, that’s why I call my up’s and downs.

*Finding results: in 2017 I began to study a year of nutrition, since I wanted to do something for myself, learn to lead a healthy lifestyle and not only put it into practice in myself, but also help others people who like me have been going through that process that is not easy and much less is pleasant.
In 2018 I graduated and certified as a holistic health coach, and with a little overweight and trying to take things one step at a time and one day at a time, I learn how to listen my body , not only see a skinny body is about be healthy from in to out, how to work in all area of my life not only my body, mindset, mindful etc, and I’m happy and glad for what I achieved.

*More to learn: in 2019 I start to investigate about keto nutrition, which I first I said to myself I will not be able to do this, I saw a difficult to carry out. Until I made the decision to try, I took the step and right now I loved it, I can say that is the best way to lead my healthy lifestyle, it is much easier for me, I learned to know more my body , what does is good and what does not.

* The bad and good news: in November I had another miscarriage which was not easy at all, I started feel stress, sad and the way to feel good was food, and guess what?? Yes! My weight was up again, with keto diet I lost 50 pounds and I gained have of it, and I am 100% aware that this is not healthy for my health being in the weight gain and loss but is part of my life and I know out there is more people going through the same.

*The mentally change: in 2020 I keep doing keto diet, from here I joined pruvit as a customer and now as an independent promoter, first I introduced ketones like for just to try but now is something part of my life. My life is not the same since this, in the best way.
I also do exercises from home , which is super comfortable for me, I’m pushing hard to see my life, my health, my mind and body change, now I have more energy more focus, better sleep, what I didn’t have before.

*Understanding and tracing my path: it has been a long road, stumbling, falling, suffering, pain, up’s and down, but of all of them I have know how to get up and this time it will not be the exception, I have more clear what my goal is, I have the knowledge, a beautiful family that support me, as long as I have life and health everything is possible.
*Now I’m talking to you: it is never too late to get up and dust yourself off and keep looking for what you like and make you happy. Now I just ebony process and help people who want to be helped.
Sharing my story, the knowledge and the experience that each stumbling block has left me.

*This path has not yet finished, I still have a long way to go, learn and walk. I hope my story is helpful and inspires you to keep going and fighting for what you want.
There will always be challenges and obstacles along the way, but if I could overcome them you can do it too, because seven times the righteous fall and rise again.
Never give up, love yourself, create a winning mind, a positive mind and I hope you fulfill everything you set out in life.

*Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to know my story. I hope you get the best, of never give up, and not staying on the ground, that is not your place. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF.

Many blessings from the heart
Att: Kathy Cirino

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